Alkatrool the prison Island... A haven of criminal concentration as dangerous as unknown at this time. But why keeping such secrecy about the prisoners so far? What dark secret has found its home in Alkatrool?

An Island Secluded From Everything

Alkatrool Island stands in the middle of the sea, at a distance greater than the range of a Canoon to any other existing shore. Its construction started from the idea of ​​an ancient brotherhood of heroes. One of them, the Justice Knight, who had participated in the development of this particular type of place, greatly helped in its construction.

The idea was to build an unconquerable fortress and locked just like the most secure safe, to lock up the worst thugs of the World of Twelve. Justice had to think of everything: no Zaap on this abandoned island, as well as no Canoon either, this more random mode of travel  was deemed too risky and unreliable because of  the high winds sweeping the island, which could possibly transport you in the middle of sea instead of being able to regroup with others or escape from Alkatrool.

Ogrest Chaos made ​​navigation very difficult by boat to the island, but it was the only way to get there or to possibly escape.

Justice had little to no doubt that this was the best place to lock up all the villains of the world he had stopped and render them harmless, right there, on this piece of rock beaten by the waves of Chaos.

A Remarkable Fortress

Architecturally, the prison is a huge building divided into several levels. You will find custom cells built to put criminals with immense power, but also everything you need to live in complete self-sufficiency: Shower Rooms, Weight Room, kitchen, Larder, laundry room, Boiler Room, vegetable garden, sick bay, administration offices, these are the places that completes this Pandora's box.

This building rises a few tens of meters above the cliff and sinks deeply under the island's rocky surface.

Very Unique Guards

To guard this island, and especially its "guests", it was necessary to use real incorruptible, reliable and fair guards. Since no one was fitting that definition, the decision was made to appoint the Trools as Scrools and the Alkatrool name was born.

"Why Trools?" you might ask. It's simple, as the Trools themselves:
  • They are powerful and pugnacious fighters.
  • They aren't smart enough to be charmed by intoxicating speech.
  • They do not understand the value ​​of Kamas, which makes them inherently incorruptible.
  • They can't stand people stronger than them, which will naturally push them to want to control too agitated residents.

Their only potential drawback comes from their limited mobility. Therefore boowolves have been added to compensate for the Trool guards' handicap.

Beyond these functional considerations, a final concern remained: communication with the guards.

The Weakness of the Fortress

Even if thugs would like to come release their companions, the Alkatrool access is strictly guarded. With only one anchor point, an island swept by strong winds preventing any escalation or air attack, one single shielded door, 15 Scrools and their faithful boowolves, we think that this is enough to discourage the boldest ones.

The only flaw that was never considered, still remains the attack from below ground level. But no known machine to the world could dig deep enough to go under the island.

The Anonymity of Thugs

Removing the worst thugs of the World of Twelve, is the goal of Alkatrool!

Put them on the island, lock them securely, ensure that their powers are removed or reduced, then finally forget them, so that no one will ever know what kind of Supervillains live in the World of Twelve.

Oh? You want to hear from them anyway? Are you sure? Well then... In a few days, we will come back to you to introduce the first of them: Decepticod. And to keep you waiting, here's a little something...