Incarnam and Astrub get a makeover to better welcome all the newcomers that will be joining us starting from October 1st!
By doing the tutorial in the next update you will no longer be asked to create a character belonging to a class, but a new type of character that was created for the occasion: the Incarnate

When first stepping in Incarnam, you will play an Incarnate. With this character you will learn how to use the controls of WAKFU, the basic rules of the game, and choose your class.

Master Kano will also welcome you and teach you the basics. Starting a fight, moving and using spells, the importance of positioning, learning about masteries and side and back damage… All of these will be explained, as well as more details all along your experience on Incarnam and Astrub, such as how to use the map or what do quest items mean.

This revamp should help newcomers learn the rules of the game, with much more precise indications:
 Feature in development and not yet translated.

These will not be the only additions. For example, Wodents will have a new look, and see new members added to its family:

You will even find your very first dungeon, dedicated to this family!
After learning the basics in Incarnam, Sokay will ask you to choose a class.

Once this is done, you will be sent to Astrub (with the level and equipment items received in Incarnam) where a quest will ask you to talk to Master Bossowl to learn more about this old city, the Orgest Chaos and above all, the Nations from which you can chose a nationality…

Something important: You will be able to choose your nation by talking directly to Bossowl. You will see a window summing up all the specificities of each nation. This should make for a much easier Nation choice!
Feature in development and not yet translated.

The entire geography of Astrub will also be modified. Its points of interest will be better centralized and moving through it will be much easier and fun! Monsters and resources will also change, as you will now find a Bow Meow family and no more Astrub Resources, replaced by the normal resources available everywhere else in the game. But don’t worry, you should still find your way! Dungeons for example will be the same, and you will still find the Temple of Scriptures at the same place!

Some features will also be unlocked in Astrub for non-subscribers for them to better apprehend the game: they will be able to trade between non-subscribers, level up their gathering professions up to level 10 with the first game resources. For this purpose the Astrub resources will be removed in favor of "true" level 1 harvestable resources: Wheat, Ash, Sturgeon, Tin, Thistle and seeds. The new level 0 Tin ore will be replacing the Iron ore. Non-subscribers will be able to manage an exclusive ecosystem and Marketplace, and also use the boats!

New quests will be added to begin your journey from a new angle and better guide you to Mount Zinit. Talking of which, Zinit will now be doable in group, but this is another story, one that you will get to discover on October 1st!