Hello everyone! From now on I will regularly (after each update if possible) publish a “Letter to the Community” to talk about WAKFU and announce important information or modification brought to our previous plans.
With the Wabbit Island out, we talked with the Community Managers about your feedback and expectations. Here’s what came out of it. We tried to identify the most important subjects: we won’t be able to address all demands that will be posted in the comments but we will try our best to answer.

Too many bugs

The “bug issue” is not new, as you keep reporting them and the team, support and Community Managers keep monitoring them.

Lately, we asked the Community Managers to send us a list of the most regularly reported bugs: fixing these bugs will now become our number one priority on the same level as class revamps. This list has been published on the forums. Our goal will be to keep it updated to let you know the progress made.

The revamp of the Wild Estate and classes are maintained, but all other additional content will be in stand by for now.

Therefore, the following content that was planned for October will be postponed to a later date: “Captain Amakna” Dungeon, “Alkatrool” Island, new Haven World building. We’re also looking into opening the Beta server to more players on specific periods of time, allowing us to track bugs earlier. This project is only in its reflection state, but it should give you a better idea of our plan.


It’s a fact that the Eniripsa revamp didn’t go as well as the Xelor’s. We want to improve the way we work on classes in order to limit the issues upon release, while still communicating with you. Classes will remain a priority, and we hope that the next update will see many bugs fixed, allowing a healthier basis for class revamps.

I wanted to add something: the entire team cannot work on classes. These tasks mostly rely on Game Design and Development. What this means is that we can still release new content without impacting the class revamps. In other words: this work wouldn’t be faster, should we stop to work on additional content. If it were that simple, we would have done it already!

Global Restat

We will no longer offer global restats since ingame alternatives exist for those who did not receive significant modifications.

However, we know that the current alternatives are not so much “fun” and we will look into adding new ones (with the Almanax for example).

Unfortunately we cannot give you any date for the moment.


Many players manifested their dislike of the items offered on Wabbit Island.

We will have a look and reevaluate all items level 65 and higher to ensure the progression of all equipment.

We want all items to have as much use and impact on the game as each other. The Wabbit items led us to develop a new item creation tool, but this tool wasn’t used to rebalance the old items. We will be doing just that to make sure all items are balanced. The tool itself will also be adapted to increase the damage bonus on mono-element and make sure that this type of item improves.

This work, as well as the bug fixing, leaves us no choice but to postpone the craft revamp. We first want to make sure that all items are balanced before we can start working on this revamp.


Smithmagic needs to be modified to limit the random aspect, but our current priorities will not allow us to work on it right away. We will let you know as soon as we can start working on it: we want you to be involved in these modifications.

Experience curve

Many comments mentioned the experience rate, especially when it comes to experience needed to reach the highest levels. We will look into the experience curve and the game content.

This will also be a good time to limit the effects of Power Leveling and reevaluate the experience provided by each monster family, to make sure that each batch of content becomes more interesting than the previous one.

This however will not be fixed with the October update. Here again we will let you know when we have more elements to give you.

Talk to you soon,
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TommyTrouble - Member - 03 September 2013 17:25
At least you realize you need to work on the foundation of the game: bugs and crummy equipment ideas.

That's a start, definitely. I wish you all the best and thank you for your taking the time to communicate both the apology and the plans to remedy the situation.

I'm a little confused about the complaints regarding Wabbit Island equipment- everything I've heard from guild, friends, and casual groups has been positive bordering on ravenous drooling.

That said, yes, you do need to look over equipment. Sets that don't give an AP or MP need to be updated and given more stats to compensate, for instance. Otherwise they're usually just beautiful trash.

Instead of taking away fun, unique abilites (necrotouch, flame return, mamog ashes, etc) add more.

And dear god please hurry up on the bug fixes.

Thank you.
twintiger - Member - 03 September 2013 17:35
Quality over quantity!
JerryDB - Member - 03 September 2013 17:46
There are many points I could talk about but I want to talk about class balancing.
The xelor revamp was great until the recent Wakfu cost this basically ruined the whole thing. An xelors teleportation/transport spell was still vastly inferior to sacs & panda.

The main point is that player feedback is not really taken into consideration and the heralds are not used enough. Some of players have massively extensive experience with the classes.

The eni revamp was shallow I feel much of the tactical gameplay was actually removed as a water eni.
Air was improved and fire was not improved enough.

An example trying to use transcendence sucessfully in player vs monster, lets say someone has 100 hp and I use trans on them, yes they survive until their turn however but the time it gets to my turn they lose their 100 hp and died. Instead I could have healed them up which now is the only real option.

Coney nice for tanking a hit but the healing of the coney is very low for its level.

Where the eni revamp went wrong the specialties there is very little synergy between the elements and the specailites are simply not good enough , take xelor for example everyone wants to level them all (at some point). Lets take air en for example there is only three I would level as unnatural remedies increase costs is not worth it.
cyndiloo 03 September 2013 17:46
It does leave us in a precarious position as we now have no idea what you're going to do with the wabbit island equipment. . .If we complete a set will you change it so its less desirable. Will some of the sets change element or purpose. . .I don't like such uncertainty as it leaves us completely in the dark and makes us want to keep everything in case you change it.

I urge you to put smithmagic as a priority before any of us waste any more time with such an awful system as the one you gave us and I urge you to make the system more accessible to everyone and with hard work the possibility to customize gear and keep progressing in a reasonable fashion that won't mean by the time you rune 2 or 3 items replacements have been put in game and new better items have been added. This also goes in tandem with my first concern. I don't want to spend my effort runing a set that you may entirely change on a whim in a month.

The reason your eniripsa revamp went poorly is that for a month grou opened a dialogue with the players and led us to believe that things would be one way and in the final moments he changed everything and we did not have an opportunity to offer any feedback. Some considerations were not even considered like how the changes impacted team play and how eni is a class that has no real way to escape lock and move around a battlefield easily so the fact you were making the wakfu no los heal a limited to 6 times per fight ability was not something to throw in at the last minute. No one minds moving around or using different spells, but we need to have some tools to do that properly. Bugs on release also didn't help the matter but it is not uncommon in any mmo to have bugs and I know not everything can be anticipated.

You have also made some other boneheaded decisions which have greatly annoyed me. I was lucky enough to drop the dazzling signet on my enu but it's not tradeable and I already have 100 leatherdealer on my xelor. Instead of enjoying the content that I was really getting into, I now have to stop and spend my entire week gathering flowers and not being on wabbit island so I can obtain my first relic and though I realize it's rare and I will be one of the first to have it and it's of great benefit, it's poor design that you are now setting a precedent where not only does enu have a great benefit in dropping items and will most likely be the character that drops any future relic components but now out of the blue they also need to be your primary crafter and if you have worked hard to level crafting on any character who is not an enu, you will have to go back and do all that over again and that's boring and unnecessary and it pisses me off!

Now I'm going back to gathering more damn herbs so i can achieve the exact same thing on an enu that I already achieved on my xelor and get my damn relic. At least I do have the seal of companionship and saved a mea culpa on my enu so I will be able to do this much easier than any typical player, though it's still an insane amount of work even with my great benefit in this area. It doesn't change the fact that it's bad design and adds unnecessary work and yet another advantage to enu that it doesn't need! And it removes me from actually enjoying the island at a time when I was having so much fun! Yes I could ignore it and work on it later but it's not like I hadn't prepared myself in the crafting department by already having every profession in the game with the exception of 3 at 100 already. I did send a message 3 days ago and no one has even read it.
Spazturtle 03 September 2013 17:46
Troyle has also set up a bug watcher, so we can see what know bugs their are, and if they will be fixed in the next update.

Click here
ThyHolyOverlord - Member (+) - 03 September 2013 18:02
Thank you for this letter Aza,
I do not know what to think of the wabbit equipment as i can't wear them yet, but if i compare the stats of items between 60-100 i see a huge improvement and that doesn't really show with the lvl 140 gear. Its a first batch of gear and later sets always seem to be better.
Fixing bugs is a great idea, i try to do my share and report them more.
Stasio 03 September 2013 18:04
That was a really nice post. Thanks, Azael! wink
Gynrei 03 September 2013 18:04
cyndiloo|2013-09-03 17:46:29You have also made some other boneheaded decisions which have greatly annoyed me. I was lucky enough to drop the dazzling signet on my enu but it's not tradeable and I already have 100 leatherdealer on my xelor.

Congratulations Cyndi. That has to be a bug, doesn't it? Of course waiting for it to be fixed is a risky option so you might as well just level the same craft again. sad 
bandersnitch 03 September 2013 18:06
Here is the FIX for the smithmagic system. Abandon the 'runes' and replace them with shu-shus. Shu-shu's would offer the same bonuses as the runes, but would be removable so you can upgrade them. the shu-shu's would have a level just like runes, but you could feed them powder to upgrade their level.

In addition you could have legendary or relic shu-shus that would have high bonuses but give CF chances or small probability of madness smile
cyndiloo 03 September 2013 18:15
Gynrei|2013-09-03 18:04:33
cyndiloo|2013-09-03 17:46:29You have also made some other boneheaded decisions which have greatly annoyed me. I was lucky enough to drop the dazzling signet on my enu but it's not tradeable and I already have 100 leatherdealer on my xelor.

Congratulations Cyndi. That has to be a bug, doesn't it? Of course waiting for it to be fixed is a risky option so you might as well just level the same craft again. sad
I haven't actually taken the mea on the enu yet still just gathering all the components. Still hoping someone reads my mail and gives me any info, but yeah waiting for this to be fixed could be in october or november, lol. Sadida summons damage hasn't worked since they revamped them 3 months ago, and the bum sack didn't work for almost a year.

Heheh, anyway, thx, I am excited about it, even if I'm pissed off at the same time.