Have you noticed this Cawwot smell in the last few weeks? It might just be because of the soon to be arrival of Wabbit Island. Designed for levels 120 and more, this place is going to bring you a lot of surprises! Loaded with mystewy, action, quests, dungeons and fiwstly... Wabbits starting August 27th!

Specifically, who is it for?

This area is for players levels 120 to 150. If you have overcome all challenges offered by Frigost, you will be able to test your skills on Wabbit Island.

To get to it, you will just need to board a boat from any docks of the World of Twelve. You will then arrive directly at the dock where you will be able to start exploring this mythical area.


But do not let your Explorer soul take you away from your goal: to confront and defeat the Wa Wabbit.

Are you level 102?

If you are level 102 or higher and have completed the main Frigost quest (ending with the Count), then your actions will be reflected with the Wabbits since you will be able to continue this adventure!

Indeed, strange rumors of a frozen trail have reached you. Will you have enough courage to verify them?

What's up Doc?

Even if you did get sunburned on Bilbiza or frostbitten on Frigost, the content of Wabbit Island does not leave you any time to heal.

It is now time to leave tooth mawks on the Cawwot!


Several areas will indeed open to you, and 5 new families of monsters will be there to give you a hard time.

5 dungeons will also welcome you between August 27th and September 24th.



Loot Loot!

As for each new adventure island, you will be able to get your hands on fifty new Haven Bag / Haven World decorations, titles, resources, and costumes.


Additional equipment items will obviously be on hand to assist you in your progress to your maximum level, and some relics could possibly even invite themselves into your builds.

New Relics!?

The mythical Gelano has appeared on Bilbiza. But what about the other Relics of the World of Twelve?

Rumors say that many of them would be on Wabbit Island. A team of explorers have even already put their hands on the legendary Nettlez.



In the Name of a Spoil!

If you have the soul of an archaeologist, you will probably get your hand on an item of great value by exploring the Temple of the island.

The Temple? But... Yes! It is the famous Temple...


Oh no! We have unfortunately reached our maximum of characters for this Devblog and we have no extra ones to tell you more. It looks like we will have to wait until August 27th to shed more light on Wabbit Island and its people!