During the last recent weeks, our reporters from the World of Twelve Gazette have worked hard under the leadership of Zezette. You may ask: "But why?". Simply in order to gather as much information to help you prepare for your future visit of the Wabbit Island and its mysteries.

Here is what we have collected through various publications of each of the Four Nations.

We will do our best to keep you informed of any new informations about this island which has been inaccessible for way too long!

Extract 1 - Aperirel 970 - Short Unusual Events

Many fishermen reported spotting an unidentified flying object above the seas separating Bonta and Amakna. The various witness statements vary between: a trail of ice in the sky (condensing before evaporating), a glowing crystal wire unwinding itself at a rapid pace, and possibly even a single slow beam of light following a downward unlikely path.

All the witnesses agree on the direction taken by the "icy crystal ray of light".

After sending a team to the location, no trace of this phenomenon could be found. Some suspected an abuse of Bamboo Milk the day before the incident by the so-called "witnesses".

However, this fantastic story has reopened the waterways previously closed to Wabbit Island, due to an embargo placed many years ago by the Wa Wabbit on all the other islands, archipelagos, and continents. The reason behind it being the "wenovation of the Wa Wabbit dungeon".

Extract 2 - Maysial 970 - Geography & Biology Topic

"Brave adventurers seeking to confront the legendary Wa Wabbit and courageous Enutrofs, eager to find new markets, recently raided Wabbit Island and have reported strange rumors. At first glance, it seems that the island is in the hands of strange creatures with orange fur and with the sweet name of Lenalds.

This sighting raised old questions, which are anchored deep in the past and at the heart of the scientific debates during the period prior to Chaos Ogrest:

Who occupied the island first, the Lenalds or the Wabbits?

Even though most of the texts of the time seem to agree to grant, legitimately, the seniority to the Lenalds on the small archipelago. The flame of our theorists was revived and the most renowned scientists in each specialty did not waste any time to express their theories. Each argues the accuracy and truthfulness of their theories with large reinforced unverifiable arguments and complex formulas which would not make any sense to any new comers.

Summary of the Debates

"I can only agree more with my colleague Marc Eadbut's theory - State of the Iop - Which says that the Lenalds have always had their place as precursors on the so-called "Wabbit " island.

Without going any deeper on their natural fierce and disciplined fighters' abilities, I want to emphasize that their flamboyant coat fits perfectly with the local flora, which naturally gives them a distinct advantage and a legitimate reason to wear such pristine orange fur."


Professor Chamay, first name Leon, Pre-Ogrest Chaos Sufokian Chromatic Zoomonology Specialist

"It is clear that the supremacy of the Wabbits has no doubt attached to it, as well as the pre-investment of the archipelago by the Lenalds, local flora present since immemorial time, as shown in the archives of the Amaknian Conservatory for the Scientific Primitive and Speculative Superiority, is undoubtedly made of, for the major part of Cawwottus Genewicus Gigantis. Evidence that the environment of the island has always been conducive to the development of the species: Sapiens Wabbitus Cwoqu'Cawwottus Vulgaris. The rumors that the Cawwots were imported by Wabbits are pure unfounded speculations."

Anne-So Poriphik, Progressive Zoomonologist of the ACSPSS (Amaknian Conservatory for the Scientific Primitive and Speculative Superiority)

"My evolutionism theory does not define which species were present at first, but it gives an idea of which should ultimately occupy most of the space and dominate the region. I will take the time to verify all of this if I get to stop by these islands. For now my next stop is Bilbiza."

Darles Charwin, Independant Antiropologist Navigator – currently sailing the seas aboard the Pointer

"My colleagues talk a lot; but few have really explored the archipelago since the reopening of the maritime routes. I will now go along with my three sons Xam, Souli, and Jakes, to explore the area to find traces of the origins of each species and finally shed some light on this worthy debate! I am confident that my theory of the two species coming from other islands will be confirmed and fully justifying the budget reported in my village taxes."

Count Henry Begueyon, Brakmar Antiropologist of Unruly Creatures

"It is undeniable that the two species have lived together early in the archipelago. Traces of ancient civilizations pertinent to or derived from those two families can be easily found on the land of the Wabbit archipelago."

Jenry Hones Junior, Professor in Archaology at UBI (University of Bonta for the Immaterial). But you can call him Indy, just like his favorite Bow Meow

"The wealth and ancestry of the two families only explains the rumors that Wabbits have disappeared from the surface of the island. Anyway, I'm happy to claim all artifacts for scientific profit and for the historic conservation of the Wabbits, if they have indeed been eradicated. As stated so well by my "colleague" Hones Jr., these pieces belong to a museum. If I am the one who sells them to a museum, then it is only a fair reward and especially for my investment in this scientific cause. Do not tell me that these forgotten Wabbits will be returning from beyond the grave to reclaim their dues: myths and superstitions! And why not Zwombbits for that matter!"

Renemille Lebboq, Brakmar Archaologist affiliated with the League "Knowledge and Profits"

As you can see there are many points of view, but overall, it does show a real enthusiasm and an undeniable passion for this so important science subject... 


Extract 3 - Junssidor 970 - Section Zoomonology & Antiropology Section

A future article will discuss the amazing discoveries on Wabbit Island, including the development of a distinct species, with a dark coat, other than the Wabbit, which seems to have completely replaced the Wabbits on the surface of the island. We will then leave in search of Wa Wabbit, which is still to be found. 

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