In the next update, on July 30th, the character level cap will reach 125, and spells will be designed up to level 200! Concerning these spells, let us tell you about how these modifications will go…
To this point, spells were balanced up to level 100.

Even though your characters could reach over level 100, spells stopped progressing at this level. It quickly became a necessity for us to unlock spells progression, and rethink it up to level 200. After all, characters are expected to reach this level one day.

Today, we will tell you about these changes, implemented on July 30th.

Modification of spells experience

The experience curve becomes linear

Let’s start with the experience curve. Until now it was exponential (until level 70, and then fixed). It will now be linear. This should make your character’s evolution much more transparent and balanced.

Evolution of the Spells distribution

The distribution of spells at maximum level for each branch will also evolve: you will be able to have up to 6 spells reach maximum level in multi-element (2 per branch), or 4 in mono-element starting from level 100 (and the same at level 200).

Note that the spells will still be limited by the character’s level: On July 30th, you will be able to level up 4 spells in a branch to level 125 (if you play mono-element), or 2 spells in each branch to level 125 (if you play multi-element).

Modification of the remainder

Concerning the spell experience remainder system, we will boost it a little. Let us remind you what the remainder is: all spell experience that is not applied after a combat (because your spell already reached its maximum level) becomes part of the remainder, and stored aside.

This remainder is then given back in the next combats, until a value of 40% of the base experience. Starting with the July update, it will now be a value of 100% that will be given back! If you have experience remainder, you will get double spell experience until the remainder is emptied!

Rebalancing of the elemental masteries coefficient

You will see that this part of the devblog is much more technical and should be of interest to the mathematicians among you.

Today, the elemental masteries are based on a spell balance of level 100, and the calculation of the masteries was done on a coefficient of 2 on the total of the spells. Since these spells will now be able to reach 200, this coefficient has been changed to 1.

Let’s talk numbers.

To give more weight to multi-element, we decided to change to mastery coefficients as follows (spell 1 is the highest level one in this branch, spell 5 is the lowest level one in this branch):
  • Spell 1: 0.3
  • Spell 2: 0.35
  • Spell 3: 0.05
  • Spell 4: 0.1
  • Spell 5: 0.2
(0.3 + 0.35 + 0.05 + 0.1 + 0.2 = coefficient of 1)

To calculate your mastery, you simply need to multiply the level of each of your spells with this coefficient. A spell level 125, if it is the highest level of your branch, will give you 37.5% element mastery.

Our goal here is the give more power to multi-element, without making mono-element obsolete. A player using the 3 branches (2 spells to max level in each of them) will have interesting masteries in these 3 elements, while a player focusing on a single branch will have a complete coefficient of 1, and therefore higher element mastery in his main element.

What you should keep in mind is that the balancing of spells and element masteries will now be based on 200 levels, which should translate into a significant power boost for your characters in July.

Here’s an example of the spells repartition and spells masteries of a Sadida at level 100 on July 30th (multi-element and mono-element):
As you can see, your branches have been boosted!

In simple terms, compared to the current system, you will have about twice more experience to spend

Important note: contrary to what is shown in this screenshot, the resistance rate will be changed and now equal the damage mastery (1% mastery = 1% resist).

Note also that with this update, it will no longer be possible to reduce damages more than their basic value. If a spell has a base damage value of 50, it will not be possible to make it deal less than 50.


More rebalancing following these changes

Rebalancing of the States and their applications

The revamp of the Xelor and changes brought to Blindness in June constitute a first step toward a more global revamp of States application that must take place in this update. Globally, many states applied by classes will be rebalanced. All details will be communicated in the complete changelog published on July 29th. Note also that some Ultimate Bosses will have their resistances lowered.

Evolution of the Abilities

As you already know, much rebalancing took place in the last months: classes, spells experience, items (AP ones notably) and today spells level 200. This leads us to more modifications, and especially when it comes to the Abilities. On July 30th, we will modify the Abilities points’ rules. Also, the cost of element masteries (Strength, Chance, etc.) will be lowered: your strongest the mastery (Strength/Earth for example) in which you spent the most ability points will cost you 3 points to be increased by one point, while your weakest the other masteries (Intelligence/Fire for example) will only cost your one point to be increased by one. Your investment will be much more rewarding than before.

Stasis Branch

Azael talked about it in another devblog, we will modify the Stasis tree of the Foggernaut. This is an indirect consequence of the modification brought with spells level 200, but also and mostly due to class balancing. We wanted to use this opportunity to talk about these changes, since they can be summed up quite easily:

To calculate the Stasis mastery of a Foggernaut, we will take the average damage % in the 4 elements. Stasis will always use the lowest resist of the target.

This led to the modification of the damages of Stasis spells as follows:
  • Heart of Steam: 90 (instead of 175)
  • Ray of Stasis: 33 (instead of 65)
  • Stasis Shot: 50 (instead of 97)
  • Stasis Strike: 100 (instead of 195)
  • Aynaloxide: 125 (sintead of 243)

Don’t let these values fool you. With the evolution curse being linear, and the explanations above, the Stasis branch will receive a significant boost and become much more balanced than before, particularly in PvP.
A restat will of course be offered in July, allowing you to apply your spell experience as you wish.