Azael tells you about the new equipment rules implemented on July 30th: AP/MP limitation, stats rebalancing, replacement of sets, more unique items, relics, etc. Learn everything in this devblog!
Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to tell you more about the AP/MP limitation but also talk about the new equipment rules, the new relic items, and the impact these modifications will have in game… Because yes, it all comes together!

But before giving you more details about these modification implemented on July 30th, let me explain the reasons behind.

Equipment limitations

It all starts with the sets. Currently, when we release new content, most players will first look at the sets as they will only equip sets in order to optimize their character.

But here’s the result in game:
  • Little interest in unique items (not part of a set),
  • Non-competitive craft (since it mostly produces non set items),
  • Frustration of the player when trying to change an entire set (the player will only change his equipment when he has the entire set),
  • Limitation to the variety of builds and sets in game.

How to deal with these problems?

By implementing more competitive unique items, and more of them, allowing you to create builds instantly! But we were stuck as it would be impossible to compete with the set bonuses (AP/MP). To limit the appearance of builds full of AP/MP bonuses, we already had a limitation implemented in regards to which items can provide these type of bonuses.

Example: Boots = only MP, Cape = only AP.

We couldn’t create peculiar unique items such as “1 AP Epaulettes” for the simple reason that we would have no control over the AP gain, and this item would become a “must have”.

Our objective being to give you more freedom in the builds you can create with your gear and abilities, we had to make several decisions.

Limitation of AP/MP

First rule: we will limit the amount of AP to 12 and MP to 7.

The current builds shouldn’t be impacted directly, since this limitation is designed with level 200 in mind.

This will allow us to create any type of items with said bonuses without having to worry about the overall balance. You will be free to save the ability points usually spent in the AP bonuses and try to reach 12 AP with equipment only!

Just to be clear, this limitation is only outside combat. AP and MP gains in combat will not be limited.

Modification of the stats repartition

With spells level increased to 200, bi-element will become much more playable (we will tell you more in another devblog). We therefore needed items to be adapted in this direction.

Our bi-element items have been modified to become as competitive as mono-element. No more need to sacrifice everything to get the one piece that fits your build!

Much less sets

As you will notice with the next updates, we will not implement new sets. As I said above, the idea of sets reduces by far the equipment builds variety. It’s an interesting concept for the beginning of the game, guiding the player in his decisions, but after all, we’re playing WAKFU here!

You will now be free to create your own builds and we’d rather give you the tools instead of more items already made. Thanks to the AP/MP limitation and the opening of builds, you should be able to do just that!

This turning point will start with Bilbyza, and also the Wabbit update. We will add new unique items with each update, notably craftable ones. This should give a proper boost to crafting, offering you real equipment alternatives!

Those of you, who are more bound to the visual aspect, worry not. Some items will be designed in order to form a “visual” set. These sets will be combinable in a single item like the current ones, but will not provide any set bonuses. For example, our bosses will still drop set items, with visual coherence… After all, pwning is nice, but with style is even better!

And here’s an example to give you a better idea:

In development, not fully translated.


Relics will be a new type of items, extremely interesting.

A relic can be of any type of equipment slot (epaulettes, boots, etc.) but you will only be able to wear one at a time. For example, you won’t be able to equip an Epaulette Relic and a Ring Relic.

The first two will appear with on July 30th, including the Merydia one from the Almanax. And yes, the Merydia one will be an Insignia!

As usual, let us know what you think! And if you have any questions, we will try to answer them the best we can.

ThyHolyOverlord - Member (+) - 17 July 2013 16:12
Could you say something the stats of an relic item or show 1 as example?
MoonBears101 17 July 2013 16:28
Will these relics be extremely hard to get? I really hope they're not gonna be like 0.0001% or something like that. I want it to be something I can actually get.
JerryDB - Member - 17 July 2013 16:53
Btw excellent work on AP capes and BP breastplates, I love them.

I agree with these Dofus style changes.
More custom, unique and craftable items - good.

If I can get 12 AP without 2 base I would love that.

Personally I don't mind the relic system adding new super low drop rate items yes its grindtastic but thats what makes then great.

As long as what you are fighting in enjoyable then its win win.

Lets take arachoshima dungeon the drop rates are 0.03% however as I really enjoy this dungeon I will happy do 100 dungeon runs. However recently I did 120 dark hurl dungeon runs and for me its just not as fun. I also quite like Shodouku from what I have read that's some of the most grindtastic fun to be had.
Seguchi-sama - Member - 17 July 2013 17:05
Max MP is 7? Ew. Just ew. Make it 8 please.
Maxiliano 17 July 2013 17:16
ThyHolyOverlord|2013-07-17 16:12:24Could you say something the stats of an relic item or show 1 as example?

Also,I didn't understand well the ap/mp limitations.

Does it means amulets won't give ap anymore?

Is it possible to reach 13 ap with a legring?
Gynrei 17 July 2013 17:26
I'm a fan of this change and the direction gear seems to be heading.

Allowing us to mix and match will be extremely helpful to some classes that gain bonuses from stacking initiative or dodge etc.
LioVamp 17 July 2013 17:38
to make crafting work, equipment drops should be replaced with ingredient drops

relics... sounds like dofus trophies, too bad they come in normal slots, I liked 6 additional slots in dofus

what would be the token cost of alma relic?

I like the idea of removing set domination, sets are boring
#[Troyle] 17 July 2013 17:47
LioVamp|2013-07-17 17:38:49what would be the token cost of alma relic?

The Relic will replace the Mount reward, so its cost will be 360 Almokens.
Shaleigh1 - Member (+) - 17 July 2013 18:02
The ideas in general are not bad, however you should take the massive complaints about the already low drop rates and the removal of the token machine system into consideration before adding even more rare items to the game.

This will not create a proper long term incentive for players. The grind is not always the solution for a dev to bind players to the game. You created a perfect solution with Haven Worlds and GvG yet to come to keep players in Wakfu, so please reconsider these low drop rates. There is no actual feeling of reward, just the feeling of a lot of mindless grind/playing the lottery.

That comes from a player who is relatively resistant to tedium and can farm a lot of the same thing if the reward and investment ratios are somewhat reasonable.

Focussing on non-set items and more individualization sounds good to me. I wonder though how rational it will stil be to spec 2 AP and then go for non AP equipment, you should definitely make that a viable choice. Removing this as a consideration for a player planning a build dumbs things down too much imo.

Welp, brb need to start doing Almanax quests again...
Szega 17 July 2013 18:17
While I agree this is a step in the right direction, the existence of sets never was the real problem. It is that certain stats are "linked" to each other (some with merit, some without). Besides AP and MP a character usually has about 3 main stats to focus on (I would say maybe +2 for dual builds). The number of items one can choose from that are of appropriate level and grant enough of the main stats is too limited to offer a real choice.
Whats more, this "linkage" usually changes when one looks at gear of, say, +20 levels. Since items give a high portion of the stats (which is OK in itself) it is hard to retain a build through levels. On the other hand, if we always could work it out so we have the right stats on our items, the improvement with levels would only be an increase of numbers. So far the opportunity to gain more AP/MP (LEA/MEC) provided the real boost and new opportunities. Since they plan to limit these, I wonder what will we get with new items that will serve this purpose. We have already seen unique statuses granted by items, maybe that.
So, in order for this change to work, the items have to show a much higher diversity. A "non-set" like what we see in the picture is the same as what we have now. Even if AP and MP do not force us to wear them together, the fact that they provide so similar bonuses still makes it so. While this provides a more gradual change in gear, the outcome is the same in the end.

Also +1 for changing droprates. I do not mean to say just make them higher. Making something more common only decreases its value. But one should see the "light at the end of the tunnel". Monsters dropping only components (with higher rate) and items getting crafted from those could be a way to do this. We can already see this in action with imperial items and I think it works.