Azael tells you about the new equipment rules implemented on July 30th: AP/MP limitation, stats rebalancing, replacement of sets, more unique items, relics, etc. Learn everything in this devblog!
Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to tell you more about the AP/MP limitation but also talk about the new equipment rules, the new relic items, and the impact these modifications will have in game… Because yes, it all comes together!

But before giving you more details about these modification implemented on July 30th, let me explain the reasons behind.

Equipment limitations

It all starts with the sets. Currently, when we release new content, most players will first look at the sets as they will only equip sets in order to optimize their character.

But here’s the result in game:
  • Little interest in unique items (not part of a set),
  • Non-competitive craft (since it mostly produces non set items),
  • Frustration of the player when trying to change an entire set (the player will only change his equipment when he has the entire set),
  • Limitation to the variety of builds and sets in game.

How to deal with these problems?

By implementing more competitive unique items, and more of them, allowing you to create builds instantly! But we were stuck as it would be impossible to compete with the set bonuses (AP/MP). To limit the appearance of builds full of AP/MP bonuses, we already had a limitation implemented in regards to which items can provide these type of bonuses.

Example: Boots = only MP, Cape = only AP.

We couldn’t create peculiar unique items such as “1 AP Epaulettes” for the simple reason that we would have no control over the AP gain, and this item would become a “must have”.

Our objective being to give you more freedom in the builds you can create with your gear and abilities, we had to make several decisions.

Limitation of AP/MP

First rule: we will limit the amount of AP to 12 and MP to 7.

The current builds shouldn’t be impacted directly, since this limitation is designed with level 200 in mind.

This will allow us to create any type of items with said bonuses without having to worry about the overall balance. You will be free to save the ability points usually spent in the AP bonuses and try to reach 12 AP with equipment only!

Just to be clear, this limitation is only outside combat. AP and MP gains in combat will not be limited.

Modification of the stats repartition

With spells level increased to 200, bi-element will become much more playable (we will tell you more in another devblog). We therefore needed items to be adapted in this direction.

Our bi-element items have been modified to become as competitive as mono-element. No more need to sacrifice everything to get the one piece that fits your build!

Much less sets

As you will notice with the next updates, we will not implement new sets. As I said above, the idea of sets reduces by far the equipment builds variety. It’s an interesting concept for the beginning of the game, guiding the player in his decisions, but after all, we’re playing WAKFU here!

You will now be free to create your own builds and we’d rather give you the tools instead of more items already made. Thanks to the AP/MP limitation and the opening of builds, you should be able to do just that!

This turning point will start with Bilbyza, and also the Wabbit update. We will add new unique items with each update, notably craftable ones. This should give a proper boost to crafting, offering you real equipment alternatives!

Those of you, who are more bound to the visual aspect, worry not. Some items will be designed in order to form a “visual” set. These sets will be combinable in a single item like the current ones, but will not provide any set bonuses. For example, our bosses will still drop set items, with visual coherence… After all, pwning is nice, but with style is even better!

And here’s an example to give you a better idea:

In development, not fully translated.


Relics will be a new type of items, extremely interesting.

A relic can be of any type of equipment slot (epaulettes, boots, etc.) but you will only be able to wear one at a time. For example, you won’t be able to equip an Epaulette Relic and a Ring Relic.

The first two will appear with on July 30th, including the Merydia one from the Almanax. And yes, the Merydia one will be an Insignia!

As usual, let us know what you think! And if you have any questions, we will try to answer them the best we can.