Following the latest information revealed about Haven Worlds, we decided to sit with Azael and Fhenris for a last round of Questions.

Can we build kennels in Haven Worlds, allowing us to automatically feed our pets?

Fhenris: We’re working on something similar. It won’t come with this update but in later this year.

Will HW have the same weather as the region they’re in?

Azael: Weather in the Haven Worlds will be completely independent. We’re thinking about adding a building that would allow you to manage it.

How do Rotceres work exactly?

Azael: Rotceres are used when constructing buildings. Each building will require 1 to 3 Rotceres to be built. When the building is completed, your Rotceres will be free to start another work. You will begin with 3 Rotceres available, and can have 2 additional ones with specific buildings.

Will the HW “bubbles” that can be found in the world really display the look of the HW inside?

Fhenris: Yes! The “bubble” will evolve as a real miniature of the HW inside.

Will wee see who owns each Haven Worlds?

Fhenris: We wanted to add the guild logo at the entrance of each Haven World. It wasn’t possible for this update but it may come in a next one. For now you will be able to have this information by reading the information panel at the entrance.

Why did it take one year to develop the HW?

Azael: We wanted to make sure that the feature was good enough before releasing it. The reason is that we want to reuse this code for other features later, like building capitals or even islands!

Will we be able to change the relief of the HW?

Fhenris: The ground will be flat and you won’t be able to change its relief. However, you won’t notice it so much when it’ll be covered with buildings!

Will we be able to shorten the construction time of buildings? By paying Kamas for example?

Azael: You won’t be able to pay Kamas to shorten the time, but there will be a building that can reduce the construction time by 10% (the tavern).

Will you do something to prevent aggressions around HW entrances, especially during the auction period?

Fhenris: We won’t implement a “non-aggro” area around Haven Worlds. This would have too many side effects in the game. You should have enough time to place your bids, within the week of auctions.

Can we attack someone in a Haven World?

Azael: Yes.

Don’t you think that 35% plantation success rate is too low?

Azael: Yes this is a low rate, but it’s only at the beginning. A building will allow you to increase it by up to +75%!

Can you confirm how many Haven Worlds will be available on June 25?

Fhenris: We will implement 64 Haven Worlds!
Azael: Note however that these 64 will be sold all over the month, so only 16 will be on auctions the first week. The auctions will begin on Wednesday, 7 PM (server time).

What resources can we use to generate Resources Points?

Azael: Any resources! Harvest, seeds and even dropped resources! The only exception is water, since you can get it freely and without limit.

Will we get resources back if we destroy a building?

Azael: We’re thinking about it, but we can safely say that you will not get the Kamas back.

What kind of dungeons can we build in the Haven Worlds?

Azael: They will be identical to those that can be found in the World. For now we focused on those that are harder to access. Our goal however is to offer you exclusive dungeons later, but harder to obtain of course.

How exclusive?

Azael: It’ll be new dungeons that cannot be found in the open world. The first ones should arrive in September. There will not be new monster families, but the drops will be unique, and the gameplay will be different.

Will we be able to design our own dungeons?

Azael: At the beginning the exclusive dungeons will still be designed by the Team. We would of course like to give you the ability to design your own dungeons!

Will we receive the same experience?

Azael: Yes, it’ll be the same (except the Wisdom bonus of the area).

Will you allow us to create challenges or quests in the Haven Worlds?

Azael: This is something that we’re working on. We want to offer more possibility to the owners of the Haven Worlds.

Will you open a “demo Haven World” during the auction week?

Azael: Sadly this is not possible. We tried our best to give you as much information as possible to help you understand and prepare for this feature.
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