We went to Azael to get him to answer the most important question we received about Haven Worlds, that will be opening their doors on June 18!

How many Haven Worlds will come out evey week (after the first 60)?

We’re still looking into the technical aspect, but to begin with we should have 4 to 8 implemented every month (so 1 to 2 per week).

Don’t you think that Haven Worlds will only spread the population of the smaller servers even thinner?

This was one of our concerns at first.

However, the game will keep receiving more content, be it with the Haven Worlds or new islands.

Implementing user generated content should help the community better organize and create social places where to hang out.
Overall this is more a problem with the game than just the Haven Worlds.

Why did you choose an auction system that will help rich guilds over a fairer system with prices that would evolve based on the size of the guild?

This would have had many flaws, especially with Rich guilds, that would have only had to create a smaller alt guild to purchase a Haven World for cheap. Also, the size of the guilds shouldn’t be a deciding factor in the case of Haven Worlds. On the other hand, why making the access more complicated for big guilds?

In the end we think the auction system is fairer and more equal for everyone.

Who can bid? The Guild Leader?

Yes, the Guild Leader and any member with the right “Manage Haven World”. This new right will be implemented with the update.

If I got it right I can only bid on one HW at a time? What prevent another guild from creating an alt guild to prevent me from acquire one?

This is one of the flaws of the auction system by steps. We had to choose from 2 types of auctions. We decided to go for this one since it was the most fair to all servers. It’s not perfect, as pointed here, and we will keep trying to find another type of auction.

Will you do something to prevent guilds from purchasing Haven Worlds with their alt guilds, and then take control of them in GvG with their main guild, to stack bonuses?

Bonuses will not stack per se. If a Guild owns a Haven World and conquers another, the bonuses of a same type will not stack (only the best of both will apply).

Do I have to buy a Haven World in the Nation that matches the Nation of my guild?

No, since Guilds are not (yet) linked to the Nations, you will be able purchase a Haven World in the Nation of your choice.

Can we sell a Haven World? If sold, will it stay the stay or reset?

Upon release it will not be possible to sell a HW, but it will come shortly after.

Chances are that upon selling a Haven World the former will be destroyed, at least partially. After all, the goal is to build it.

Keep in mind that a Haven World is a region ruled by a guild that should always represent the investment a guild put in it…

If a guild owning a Haven World disbands, what happens? There were also mentions of the possibility to lose a HW if the guild is inactive for too long, what about this?

Indeed, if a guild is inactive it will automatically disband, leading to the loss of the Haven World.

This rule will not be implemented upon release and will only be integrated later, with the possibility to sell Haven Worlds.

Up to now we were unable to define “inactivity” for a guild, but the revamp will allow us to.

Can we “close” our HW to avoid pillage?

You won’t be able to close it directly, but you can place tollbooths that should dissuade the simple pillagers. You can even place the Tollbooth right at the entrance of the HW so it blocks the whole thing. :)

However, we decided to implement incentives, should you decide to keep it open. A building will allow you to take part of the Kamas and drops looted in your Haven World.

This should convince you to put as much content as possible in your HW.

What about drops in the Haven World?

Monsters work the same way as outside a HW. The only difference will be the building allowing the guild to receive part of the Kamas and Drops looted in the HW.

Note also that there will be no limitations as to which monsters and resources can be planted in the Haven World.

And on a final note, monsters will also be able to reproduce, just as outside a Haven World.

In the first devblog you mentioned the idea of mines in the HW. Is it still under consideration? If yes, what will be the limitation?

Yes, it’s still being worked on.

The main limitation will be the amount of cells taken by these mines in the Haven World and their cost.

Can we still change the grounds?

At first no, but we’re already preparing ourselves for this possibility.

Will Haven Worlds look different depending on the nation they are in?

No, it’ll be up to players to do it. The first houses customization options will of course be about the Nations.

What about the size of the Haven Worlds? Is there a limit?

You will be able to increase their size, but it will always be limited yes.

In other words, you will have to make decisions in regards to which buildings to choose for your Haven World!

What bonuses will be provided by the Haven World and how much farming will it take to make these bonuses interesting?

There’s no secret: building a complete Haven World will take commitment, and a lot of investment, but the bonuses and gains will appear quite quickly.

For example building a simple house will unlock more storage space for your guild.

We also thought about the guilds with a lower gaming time than others and created buildings the will generate resources, but it will take quite a bit of space in the Haven World.
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