We already revealed a bit of information, but it’s now time to completely unveil the modifications brought to the Guild system.
Our intent was above all to replace the Guilds at the center of the game, and make sure that each player can significantly contribute. No more need to sacrifice your experience, we wanted to make sure that a Guild only reflects its members, and that their evolution proceeds together.

This way, no matter if you consider your guild as your second home, your haven of peace, or your strategic headquarters; you’ll find use in the guild system.

Creating your Guild

Creating a Guild isn’t a random decision and should never be considered lightly. We will implement some elements to reinforce this idea.

Each player will still be able to create a guild at the Guild-o-matic in the Guild Banks of each nation. However, creating a guild will now cost 10 000 Kamas or the use of a specific item, called the Guildogemme (temporary translation), droppable on monsters.

Similarly to the current system, you can still only belong to one Guild at a time, and cannot create a new one as long as you are member of an existing one. After all, your guild is like your second family, right?

Managing the Guild level

Once your Guild is out there, you will have to give it life and make it grow, even lead it to become the most powerful one!

In order to make sure that the level of your Guild correctly reflects its progress, it will now be global. No more crafting and combat levels. If you already have an existing Guild, it will be granted a coherent level with the new system, in order to make sure that those who could purchase a Haven World on the release day can still do so with the Guild Revamp.

Note however that a Guild with maximum level will not be maximum level after the revamp.

Levels will now be unlocked with Guild Points, and each level will require some time to be “learned”. For example, a level 2 will cost 300 Guild Points, et once these points are spent you will have to wait 2 hours for this level to take effect. Once the training has started, you cannot cancel it.

Each level will unlock new bonuses, insignias, emotes, etc. But since nothing is free in this world, you will have to earn those by purchasing them, once again for Guild Points.

You will therefore have to choose carefully how to spread your points: Will you rush the guild levels, or unlock this Prospecting bonus that could help you so much?

Guild Points

So now you must be asking yourselves: what are these Guild Points?

Guild Points will allow you to unlock:
  • Guild levels,
  • Permanent bonuses (+HP, +% Resists, +Dodge, etc.) to all members of the Guild,
  • Temporary bonuses (+damage, + Resists, +Prospecting, + HP, etc.).
These points will be obtained in many ways:
  • Completing environmental quests: 2 points per member of the guild in the group that completed the quest.
  • Completing a dungeon: 10 points per member of the guild in the group that completed the dungeon. Note that you must have at least 2 members of your guild in the group to gain points, and that if the entire group is in the same guild they will provide a total of 100 Guild Points.
  • Defeating Ultimate Bosses (once per week and per UB): 50 points per member of the guild in the group that defeated the boss. Note that you must have at least 2 members of your guild in the group to gain points, and that if the entire group is in the same guild they will provide a total of 500 Guild Points.
  • Completing a daily Guild quest: You will receive 10 points per quest.

To limit the difference between Guilds, the total points that can be received each day will be limited to 1500. UBs do not count in this total.

Guild Quests

Yes, Guilds will now offer your daily quests.

They will be directly available in the Guild Interface, there will be three of them and they can be accomplished solo.

These quests will be:
  • Kill 10 monsters of your level,
  • Create an item of your profession level,
  • Complete a dungeon of your level.

They will reward you with experience points based on your level, and also provide Guild Points.


You think your Guild is the best in the World of Twelve, but you’d still like a confirmation?

It’ll now be possible. In order to give incentives to the competitive aspect between Guilds, we will have an in game and web based Guild PvE ranking.

This ranking will be based on the total Guild Points won by the guild. You will therefore be free to spend them without risk of losing your ranking.

Let the best Guild win!

Note that the Guild versus Guild feature will not be implemented with the June update, but in July. In order to prevent the first Haven World owners from directly losing their bonuses, we prefer to give them a few more weeks to better prepare themselves. Until then, more Haven Worlds will have been bought and more GvG opportunities will be available.
Of course the Guild feature will be constantly improved along the year.

By reading this devblog you should now better understand what I meant when I said that Guilds should be at the center of the game.  You will have to defend its colors and members, play in team and carry its name with pride to make it become the most famous and powerful one of the Krosmoz!
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