Zeorus refused to comment his embarrassing defeat to the Dragon Pig, but agreed to tell you more about this formidable opponent and how to best prepare yourself for the showdown of May 21….
Hello there,

I’m glad to have this opportunity to talk to you again, and tell you about the next Ultimate Boss! As you already know, the next beast to join the ranks is the legendary and divine Dragon Pig, ancient creature already worshiped by the Porcos back in the Age of Dofus.

You can easily recognize him by his enormous muscle mass, his sickening odor and ridiculously small wings on his back. But don’t let yourself fooled for his obvious body weight doesn’t make him any less of an incredibly quick, strong and mighty opponent. Fine specialist in hand-in-hand combat, always ready to share slaps and punches, the Dragon Pig will undoubtedly prove an epic and formidable opponent.

And now the bravest adventurer of the WAKFU Era will get to face him right with the next Update! Cowards and wrongly equipped adventurers, better stay away from him. Only the most powerful, optimized and organized ones can hope for a chance to live long enough to discover the full extent of the martial capacities of this mythical creature.


Just let him stretch his fists and feet, and the Dragon Pig will reveal his true boxing talents. The Dragon Pig has a strong tendency to try to identify the most worthy opponent, and prove him that he wasn’t so worthy after all.

Try not to catch his attention if you’re not ready to welcome his fists. Know also that his Pig instinct allows him to detect any action you’d take against him during the fight. If he identifies you as a priority target, there won’t be anything that can keep him away from you.

Furthermore, the more you taunt him, the more motivated he’ll be to prove how wrong you were to do so, by displaying his most secret and formidable tricks. Forget his age; you’ll soon realize that age only means more experience in his case. Stronger than a rock and faster than a feline, your wits will be of good use to get him to lower his guard. But even so, his rage will translate into a demonstration of pure strength and countless hooks and uppercuts until you finally ask yourself if you shouldn’t have tried to fight him with his guard high after all.


The most brilliant warriors, who will survive his attacks, bypass his guard and resist his retaliation, will not only get to show off with their title “Dragon Pig Mangler”, but also receive more palpable rewards. Enough to renew your wardrobe with shinies like these boots from the Larduous Set:

+1 MP
+78 HP
+10 Dodge
+2% CH
+21% Fire dmg
+21% Water dmg
+5% Heal
+6% Critical dmg
+5% Summon dmg
+10% Resist all
+1 Lvl Fire spells
+1 Lvl Water spells

And even better, the luckiest ones could even find the ancestral Dragon Pig Kimono and become the pearl of 5th Bond Avenue:

+1 AP
+110 HP
+4% CH
+20% Dmg all
+10% Critical dmg
+14% Resist all

I hope you’ll enjoy meeting the beast…

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Adagak - Member - 17 May 2013 16:35
Damn, those items D:
Reinheart - Member - 17 May 2013 16:39
AP Breast Plate ohmy
Gynrei 17 May 2013 16:42
I enjoyed the read and now I want the cape^^
yukioe - Member - 17 May 2013 16:44
that gear looks legend wait for it dary
Thejordand 17 May 2013 17:06
Amazing cape but if the sets any thing like the boots its the shittiest pvp set ive seen in my life. No init, low hp, ok resists, decent damage, no block. I Like to see the summon damage though but even that is useless without leadership. I just hope the other set he offers is worth getting. ( kinda bad when they make a lower level and easier bosses gear superior to their hardest boss)
Elistah - Member - 17 May 2013 17:44
may look bad for pvp but it'll be decent panda set for moo fights xD

even better when panda gets healing abilities....
Neneko88 - Member - 17 May 2013 18:01
Excarnus set still looks better XD I guess the tokens set is going to be good. Too bad for summoners, like alwayshappy 
Gynrei 17 May 2013 18:12
Where is everyone seeing this set information?
[Zeorus] 17 May 2013 18:14
I just decided to give you another spoiler, with another UB piece dropped by the Dragon Pig, the Dragon Pig Helmet:

+1 Range
+125 HP
+12 INI
+2 Block
+3% CH
+25% Earth dmg
+25% Air dmg
+11% dmg from behind
+13% resists all
+1 lvl Earth spells
+1 lvl Air spells

This UB offers a Water/Fire set, an Earth/Air set, as well as unique pieces for all elements, such as the cape given above.

Mavar 17 May 2013 19:09
Why no item mats but items themselves drop from them? Craft professions are becoming more and more useless, thanks to you.