To a zealous son wishing to brave cold and flakes, a Frigostian would say “Stay where you are, Harebourg ain’t never very far”. Despite all warnings, our Heralds braved the island, and decided to break the ice before Frigost unveils to everyone!

Chillberg, what to expect?

Honestly, this island holds many more secrets than what was already revealed… Chillberg himself could be called naïve thinking that he knows every corner of it! Does he really think that this tower is only here for decoration?
This old Enutrof can keep on trading; all that we adventurers want… is Adventures! A warrior wrongly dressed could get cold though, for the real challenge lies far away. This ice mountain blocking access to the mysterious tower hides something.

Probably a most dangerous… Danger. Maybe Chillberg is afraid of heights, but we aren’t! It only takes the proper equipment, the right fur, and there you go!

The return of the chill!

The WAKFU Team asked for our feedback on Frigost, and it looks like this island was just waiting for us. Despite its natural beauty, it clearly was time to set foot on it, warm foot, and start redecorating the vicinity.

As you know, Frigost is divided in several areas following a main quest. This is the main aspect of an adventure island, and our goal was therefore to discover these adventures and follow it step by step.

In the same time, we had to fill up feedback sheets provided by our CCMs, in order to give our impressions, forward bugs and more. These sheets were then forwarded to the Game Designers for them to take them into account and modify the content accordingly! Azael came regularly to talk about our feedback, explain what was and wasn’t taken into account, what would be implemented, etc. In short, a real dialogue between the heralds and the staff!

Our task wasn’t vain, since our efforts clearly had an impact on the final content, which is much attractive!
Our journey started with the Chillberg Ice Floe. We discover the main quest, the creatures living there and many other things that you’ll get to discover in due time!

The main quest, accessible to everyone, starts slowly and really gives a feeling of preparation. Chillberg plays his role as a chaperon and helps you prepare for the cold.

Despite a few bugs and text issues (most of it was still in French), the quest seemed clear and easy to understand, so we focused our attention on the Level Design of the island and mobs balancing!

“I’m a huge fan of the ice and snow scene and I wasn't disappointed when I first landed on Frigost. It’s such a beautiful landscape and when I look at it I feel cold and I love it. The blues and whites just... just.... BBRrrrr. I LOVE IT! It’s like a second home to me and I couldn't stay away.” - Epyon

The creatures offered a real challenge directly from the first fight! Cracklers and Brrrblis take the specificity of the area into account, leading to really different combats. Cracklers are as hard as ice, and Brrrblis play snowplows. Our feedback allowed a rebalancing in order to harmonize their gameplay, especially the Brrrblis!

Remember the mine of Chillberg? This old fart really dag in the wrong place! Looks like this is the exact place from where the Cracklers come from; maybe a path leading us to the mountain on the other side?

In the name of Iop, if we want to go further, better just push forward!

We took a few hits on our way, but nothing could cool us down! You always learn from your mistakes, but keep in mind that appearances can be deceiving…

"A marvelous, chilly place for rigid people with blazing hearts. Frigost takes you back through the eons between Dofus and Wakfu and sends cold shivers down your spine in its present-day dungeons. Have a great time dashing through the powdery snow, solving profound mysteries and fighting frost-proof monsters." - Demion

A well designed avalanche!

The work on the next area was much more complex and surprising than expected. A real graphic identity and impressive atmosphere caught our attention. This wasn’t the end of the adventure, and we took much pleasure discovering more. You’ll have the occasion to discover all the corners of this island, but it’s really in this area that all the pieces connect together… But we won’t say more! We’ll let you the pleasure to discover!

This time, the difficulty was really here. Despite a few bugs, it was really complete; even more than the Chillberg Ice Floe! This area is really important for the player since this is where everything takes place. The main quest had to be as coherent as possible with the lore of the game. Our feedback was mostly focused on this quest, allowing a few modifications. The side quests and dungeons also received a lot of care, and it goes without saying that you’ll find enough reasons to have fun!

“When I first went to the dungeon, I was ready for a challenge, and I got one. I got into the swing of this, stab this, jab that, murder everything, it was very satisfying. But alas there were more surprises to come. Just as I felt like it was over BAM another barrier to overcome. I was caught off guard and it cost me the fight, I barely got away with my life...” - Epyon
The creatures in this area offered a much appreciable challenge. Despite the difficulty, their gameplay was really innovative, and full of surprises. Don’t worry, you’ll find many things to keep you busy, mid and high level! Especially since a creature can hide another one…

Now be careful… Not everything is made of ice there. Stay cautious or you might disturb the daily life of this island, and pay the price

See you ingame!