Today Grou tells you about the novelties coming with the revamp of Smithmagic, implemented on April 16. Why a revamp? What are the goals? How does it work now? Read the answers to these questions now.

What’s wrong with the current Smithmagic?

The current version brings many issues, on our side as well as yours.

This system turned out to be frustrating for the players since obtaining a rune is really complicated, and many just decided that trying to obtain a rune wasn’t worth destroying the item. This system was meant to allow you to customize your items but ended up making other equipment useless. Players free to create their items will only try to assemble the perfect equipment and any new item implemented in their level range just wouldn’t be interesting for them…

In the end, this wasn’t a good system for you: new items with useless rewards can prove frustrating and doesn’t encourage you to experience the full content of WAKFU.

Also, the rune slots on items didn’t bring enough flexibility, and could even in some case not respect the creation rules of an item. This was just a headache for us, as soon as we tried to implement new items.

What are the new goals of Smithmagic?

It will have several objectives.

Add randomization to the items in order to make them more unique

This should create very rare items and allow players to access real customized equipment.

Implement Item destruction in the game

Encourage players to destroy items can be very useful in the game as it should limit deflation of the price of these items.

Open the system to more players

The actual situation is that Smithmagic is only used by a limited elite of players. We don’t want this feature to be limited to only hardcore gamers, or be an elite feature.

How will the new system work?

Here are the main rules of Smithmagic, after the revamp:
  • The range of items that can be set increases: all capes and breastplates from level 0 to 49 can be set, as well as all equipment from level 51 to 99 (except rings, amulets, shoulders and belts), and all equipment above level 100. All will have 0 to 3 rune slots depending on their type and level. Pets, Makabras and Insignias will not have any slots,
  • There will only remain one type of rune slot (say goodbye to square slots, triangle slots, etc.),
  • To make it easier to use, all functions of Smithmagic will be gathered in the Runic Recycler now placed next to the Marketplace of each trade bridge.
The Runic Recycler will now have 4 functions:
  • Salvage powder: this is a variation of the old function of the Recycler. By destroying equipment you will receive powder allowing you to create runes. Note that you will always receive something and that the quantity and quality of the powder will depend on the rarity and level of the destroyed item. We will also offer a consumable in the Boutique allowing you to destroy equipment without the Recycler.
  • Create a rune: very simple. You will only have to place enough powder to create a rune of an equal rarity and level.
  • Improve a rune: it will be possible to improve the level or rarity of a rune by merging it with an identical rune.
  • Remove a rune: it will not be possible to remove a rune from a slot, but you will be able to destroy a slotted rune. To do so, you will have to sacrifice an identical item. A consumable will also exist, allowing you to destroy a rune “for free”. It will be dropped by monsters over level 30 and also be available in the Boutique.

To slot a rune on an item, the only condition will be to have an empty slot available, and a rune of a higher level than the item.

Once the rune is slotted, its bonus is revealed. Each rune gives you a random bonus the strength of which will depend on its rarity: the rarer, the higher your chances to receive a strong bonus.

In order not to penalize multi-element players, damage runes will always give a bonus on 2 elements. Resistance runes will give a main bonus to one element and a secondary bonus to another one.

Some bonuses will no longer exist, such as spells level bonus or Critical Hit bonus.

To give you an idea, the best you could get on a complete set of level 10 would be +10% damages in two elements and on an equipment of level 150, +125% damages in two elements.

What about the existing items in game?

The “classical” items will simply receive rune slots without modification of the stats.

Items that already had rune slots will be modified. We will compensate these slots with the addition of new basic stats.

Here’s a first example with the new Kraken Epaulettes.

The current stats are:
1 Square slot
+20 HP
+14% CH damage
+11% Back damage
+30 INI
+2% CH

After the update, they will lose their square slot but gain these bonuses, additionally to the current ones:
+12% damage all elements
+2% CH damage
+2% Back damage

Depending on their level, some items will still have the possibility to get rune slots.

Here’s another example with the Minatsu Boots.
The current stats are:
2 Square slots
+75 HP
+14 INI
+7% Resists
+1 MP

After the update, they will lose their square slots but gain these bonuses, additionally to the current ones:
+10 HP
+3% CH
+15% Damage all elements
+16% CH damage
+2 Rune slots

What happens to the runes already in game?

The rune currently ingame (in your inventory as well as already slotted) will be destroyed and new runes will be given as compensation. These will not depend on the level and rarity of the existing runes, but based on the trading value. For example, a player with a higher damage rune will receive more than a player with a rune of similar rarity and level but low value on the market.

This should cover the main changes of Smithmagic. I hope you understand the reasons behind the decision to revamp this feature.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask. Your CMs will forward them to me and I’ll try my best to answer!



“Improve a rune: it will be possible to improve the level or rarity of a rune by merging it with an identical rune.” How can we do this if we don’t know the effect of the rune?
It will be possible to merge 2 “generic” runes of a same level and rarity.

“To slot a rune on an item, the only condition will be to have an empty slot available, and a rune of a higher level than the item.” Does that mean that there will be runes over level 100?
Yes, there will be runes from level 10 to 200.

Will it be possible to trade/sell powder and “generic” runes?

What about Leadership and Mechanism runes? Are these bonuses removed? Can we have more information on this?
These runes will no longer exist. This will give us more control over the possible combinations. We tried to offer the best options with a limited amount of bonuses. 

Here’s the list of bonuses:
  • Damage bonus: Earth, Fire
  • Damage bonus: Air, Earth
  • Damage bonus: Fire, Air
  • Damage bonus: Fire, Water
  • Damage bonus: Air, Water
  • Damage bonus: Earth, Water
  • CH Damage bonus
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Fire)
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Earth)
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Water)
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Air)
  • Intelligence
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Chance
  • HP
  • Lock, HP
  • Dodge, HP
  • Wisdom, Initiative
  • Prospecting, Initiative

By default you should assume that a bonus that is not in this list will no longer exist on the new runes.

Our equipment will be runed randomly. So a Iop can get Leadership runes that will need to be destroyed afterward?
A rune offers a random bonus indeed, but there will be some control: I tried my best to avoid “useless” runes for some players (like AP loss resists). Compared to your current equipment you won’t lose anything.

The fact that you must destroy an identical item in order to remove a rune means that you’ll have 2 chances per item.

For example:
  • I have 8 identical items all with 1 rune slot
  • The 8 are slotted but I don’t like any of them: I destroy all the runes (so I destroy 4 of the 8 items)
  • I have 4 items left with no runes
  • The 4 are slotted but I again don’t like any of them: I destroy all the runes (2 of the 4 items)
  • I have 2 items left with no runes
  • The 2 are slotted but I don’t like any of them (I’m a complicated man): I destroy all the runes (1 of the 2 items)
  • I have one last item with one empty slot

In the end, I had 15 attempts with 8 identical items.

Here are some additional numbers in order to give you a better idea:
  • 25% chances to receive a damage bonus in your main element
  • 20% chances to receive resistance
  • 10% chances to receive Initiative
  • 15% chances to receive HP

Note that most of the runes offer multiple bonuses.

Can we get a list of the compensations and their values?
In order to avoid any speculation, we will not reveal this information.

If all sets can be slotted, does that mean that they can’t be merged?
Sets without runes can still be merged, but those with slotted items cannot. We will keep an eye on that: although we lack of time in this update to provide a mechanic allowing you to merge slotted sets, we don’t exclude the idea of adding it further down the road.

What do you mean when you say “sacrifice an identical item”?
For example: I have 2 Starry Cloaks A and B with runes, and I don’t like them. I can go to the Recycler and destroy B in order to free the slot of A. Two items are considered as identical by the Recycler if they have the same name and rarity, even if they don’t have the same amount of runes slotted.

“To give you an idea, the best you could get on a complete set of level 10 would be +10% damages in two elements and on an equipment of level 150, +125% damages in two elements.” Won’t that create a huge separation between low levels and high levels?
It works as follows:
  • Complete equipment level 0 to 49: 2 rune slots
  • Complete equipment level 50 to 99: 6 rune slots
  • Complete equipment level 100 to 149: 15 rune slots
  • Complete equipment level 150 to 199: 25 rune slots

Runes can offer a very interesting bonus but will require quite an investment compared to a simple set. The difference will therefore more be determined by the investment in the game, more than the actual level of the player.

Will you implement a system giving more visibility to runes slotted in an item in the Market, so this item can be sold at a proper price?
There is an option in the Market allowing you to see the prices of slotted items. We could modify it so the Market would show all the items and not only the less expensive in a given category.

Do you have any plan to compensation the lack of Leadership or Mechanism runes?
Osamodas builds overloaded with Leadership shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place. We will make sure to offer you more items with Leadership or Mechanism to compensate.

When merging 2 runes, does the new one have a better level, or rarity, or both?
You choose: better level or rarity.

Are there levels of rarity for all types of runes? Or do we consider that a damage rune have a normal rarity while Lock runes are rarer (for example)?
There are no damage or lock runes per se. There will only be generic runes (since the bonus only applies once the rune is slotted).

Can we know the drop rate of the hammer used to remove a rune without sacrificing an item?
The drop rate has not yet been decided. I’m waiting for statistics that will help me balance it.

Can we know the new stats of the Vampyro set?
Additionally to their current stats, the Vampyro items will get:

Vampyro's Headgear:
  • +61 HP
  • +12 INI
  • +15 Dodge
  • +2 CH
  • +10% Damage

Vampyro's Boots
  • +2 CH
  • +12 Damage

Vampyro's Belt
  • +32 HP
  • +2 CH
  • +13 Damage all
  • +10 Critical damage

Shadofang Ring
  • +10 HP
  • +1 CH
  • +10 Damage all

Vampyro's Cape
  • +36 HP
  • +13 Damage all
  • +8 Critical damage

Can we know the amount of runes per level of equipment?











1 Handed
2 Handed
Total slots
Max bonus

Is the bonus of the runes limited per level of equipment? For example is a lvl 50 set with lvl 200 runes limited for balancing?
What will decide of the strength of the equipment isn’t the rune but the amount of slots on the equipment (the higher level of the equipment, the more runes slots). The level limitation for the rune compared to the item is only here to limit the ease with which one could slot a high level item.

Can we cumulate similar runes on an item?
You can have 2 HP runes: for example +30 HP and +15 HP for a total of +45 HP (if the item has 2 slots).

Can we know the effects of the different runes and how rarity impacts it?
Here’s the complete list
  • Damage bonus: Earth, Fire +1 to +5
  • Damage bonus: Air, Earth +1 to +5
  • Damage bonus: Fire, Air +1 to +5
  • Damage bonus: Fire, Water +1 to +5
  • Damage bonus: Air, Water +1 to +5
  • Damage bonus: Earth, Water +1 to +5
  • CH Damage bonus +1 to +5
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Fire) +1 to +5 in the main and +0 to +4 in the 2 others
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Earth) +1 to +5 in the main and +0 to +4 in the 2 others
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Water) +1 to +5 in the main and +0 to +4 in the 2 others
  • Resists bonus 3 elements (not Air) +1 to +5 in the main and +0 to +4 in the 2 others
  • Intelligence +2 to +10
  • Strength +2 to +10
  • Agility +2 to +10
  • Chance +2 to +10
  • HP +6 to +30
  • Lock, HP (Lock +2 to +10, HP +3 to +15)
  • Dodge, HP (Dodge +2 to +10, HP +3 to +15)
  • Wisdom, Initiative (Wisdom +1 to +2, Initiative +2 to +10)
  • Prospecting, Initiative (PP +1 to +2, Initiative +2 to +10)
Rarity increases the chances to have a rune with a stronger bonus. Also, the common runes will not have access to all the bonuses.

These values are still under balancing and may change if we deem it necessary.

Don’t you think that “generic” runes plus random results give a “casino” aspect to the new Smithmagic?
This will not make the “perfect” item harder to obtain than if we’d add extremely rare items.
In both cases, it will require a similar amount of monsters to kill. Except that with Smithmagic it will be more progressive.

Unlike a binary system like: I kill a monster, I receive my reward or I don’t receive my reward, and if I don’t receive it I kill another monster; Smithmagic offers a real useful gain but requires to spend some time in the game. But each hour invested is rewarded and each player can therefore enjoy it at his level.

Can you explain what you mean with “Complete equipment”?
When I talk about “Complete equipment” I mean all items equipped by a character, except pets, Insignias and the bags.

Why not making the hammer used to break runes a craftable item?
It’s only a “comfort” option. It wouldn’t make sense to ask the players to waste time on gathering the resources necessary to craft it for the little benefit they would get from using it.

Can we stack items with rune slots?
Yes, you can stack items as long as all their slots are empty.

Will you modify the sorting of runes in the market? It might become confusing with level, rarity, etc.
This is not planned for the moment.

How will the replacement of the existing runes work exactly?
First you will receive your runes in the gift interface, and not your inventory. No need to worry about inventory space.
Also, the runes you’ll receive will not have a similar level, but you will get more runes as compensation for your higher level ones.
As an example, a lvl 100 rune would be compensated by 4 lvl 80 runes (false numbers).
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