Azael tells you everything about the upcoming Kama revamp deployed on April 16, including the important new feature: Kama drops!
Hello everyone!

Here’s a devblog that will cover a big turning point in the game: the addition of Kama drops on monsters.

Last year, we mentioned this change in a devblog and started a poll asking you for your opinion on this feature. The results showed that a majority of the community was for the implementation of Kama drops.

With this addition, our first goal is to improve your accessibility to the game economy, offer a short-term reward to everyone in order to help the feeling of progression and reward after each fight, but also the improve granularity of the economy. Currently there is too few variations in the cost of items sold by the players: Thistle or Piwi cape (and many more important items) are sold for 1 Kama despite a very different value.

This change is planned for the next update, on April 16.

How will it work in game?

  • Each monster will now drop Kamas for a total of one Kama per level of the monsters (approximately).
  • The amount of Kamas earned will be shared between all members of the team still alive at the end of the fight.
  • Players with a too important level difference with the monsters will not gain Kamas.
We want to reward the efforts of the players and avoid power leveling. This way, high level characters in a low level group will not drain the Kamas of their group.
  • A Kama bonus will be granted to the players based on:
    • The monster killed (for example if the monster was a boss)
    • The character with the less HP at the end of the fight
    • The character who dealt the most Critical Hits
    • The character who Blocked the most.

Impact on the game

  • First off, all existing Kamas in game will be multiplied by 20.
  • Tokens will disappear (Dungeon and Bronze tokens). It was supposed to help access to equipment for the players. We couldn’t keep it or it would have impacted on the economy of the game. All tokens and machines will disappear except the Troll and Almanax machines.
  • Achievement and quests rewards will no longer be tokens. Achievements will not have any rewards to replace the tokens but will still offer cosmetic rewards (like Haven-Gems), while quests will provide Kamas instead! On this specific point, we want to change the achievement system, they will therefore no longer grant experience, but we’re looking into a better system in order to improve the scoring.
  • All existing tokens will be turned into Kamas (rate is still being discussed).
  • Transport costs will be modified and we used this opportunity to also leave only one dock per nation, which will lead you to all destinations. Don’t worry, Drago-Express will still be free, but the other transports will have their fees increased.
  • Trool Fair attractions will now have a Kama cost (5 to 15 kamas) and will provide “Fair Tickets”. These tickets will allow you to get the rewards of the Trool Fair (which costed Bronze Tokens until now).
  • Kama recipes will be modified, easier and grant more Kamas. Even though they might still be subject to balancing until April 16, we decided to reveal the recipes as we currently plan them:
    • 1 Iron = 5 Kamas
    • 2 Iron + Copper = 25 Kamas
    • 2 Copper + 1 Manganese = 50 Kamas
    • 2 Manganese + 1 Lead = 85 Kamas
  • Cost of the laws and territory conquest will also increase proportionally to the economic rebalancing of the game.

We know that this change will impact many other elements such as professions, and also have more long-term consequences.
We’re working in the same time on tweaking all the features linked to the economy but we will need precise statistics in order to balance the major features of the game.

We will communicate on the modifications and improvements that will ensue from this new mechanic as we move forward.

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