Hey you, spineless landlubbers, it’s me, Capt’n Chafer! Klak Klak Klak!

Well, Colonel Vert-Beret and I are here to announce the beginning of a new era, the era of treasure hunters! So listen closely, you won’t believe it… 

Caught between war and passion, this world’s big archipelagos simply turned into a huge battlefield, and adventurers, drunk with power, even forgot to take a break, to relax and share a little chocolate between neighbors.

Therefore busy with their cultural dispute, the adventurers didn’t even notice the pirate invasion that was looming on the horizon of Asse Sea. And don’t think they were coming for tea time! Klak Klak Klak! It’s not like them. The goal was simple: take advantage of the surrounding chaos to dig up all the treasures that had been buried for over 17 generations of pirates.  

We soon realized, my colonel and I that it was impossible to play treasure hunters without a treasure map. And if you don’t even have lucky shovels to dig the grounds, you’re screwed! Klak Klak Klak! Oh you fleshy fools are so funny… By the way, why do Chafers make the most annoying crew members? Because they won't stop chattering… Klak Klak Klak!

The moral of my story if you haven’t figured it out yet, cockroaches, is that instead of walking straight into the dungeons to get only kicks and a few bones to chew, keep an eye out, stay alert, share a few joy moments with those pirates and become the greatest treasure hunters of the World of Twelve

C’mon lame ducks, I’ve got a map to find. And here is a little riddle for the road: how do you call a legless Chafer? You don’t call, you go get it! Klak Klak Klak!

Thank you Capt’n Chafer for all these news that will be available with the new patch; it was very interesting.