Today, we are continuing our series of class revamp dev blogs coming with the February update with the Sacrier and the Osamodas.


How will these changes impact you?
Following the same logic as the other classes, we decided to apply small changes to the values and effects rather than big mechanisms modifications. The most notable changes such as the Sacrifice mechanism or Coagulation modifications were brought in the purpose to increase the tactical aspect and allow the Sacrier to specialize in specific roles, at the cost of a bit of his versatility.

Adjusting the positioning control

  • Cage of Blood: One of the most notable changes, Cage of Blood will see its effects modified. It will now allow you to teleport you to be in direct contact with an opponent every two turns. You will however have to have used a Fire spell before casting this one. This should offer more positioning options to Fire Sacriers.
  • Attraction: In similar range logic as for the Cra, Attraction will have its range reduced by one. It will now have a range of 2-3 (instead of 2-4) at first and 2-8 (instead of 2-9) at maximum level.
  • Transposition: For better balance, this spell will lose its capacity to be cast without line of sight at maximum level. This change was deemed necessary to limit the complete control a Sacrier could have over positioning.

Some of these changes, among others not mentioned here were necessary to balance the Sacrier and limit the ease with which he could move himself and his allies, while we also tried to offer interesting alternatives such as the new Cage of Blood mechanism.

Concerning Sacrifice and tanking

  • Coagulation: This is a significant change, when the Sacrier will be under the influence of Coagulation, the damage will be more evenly distributed between his own Health Points and shield. 30% damage will be applied to the Sacrier and the remaining 70% will be applied to the shield. This should significantly improve the tanking capabilities of the Earth Sacrier.
  • Sacrifice: The goal here was to bring back the mechanisms of Sacrifice to its foundations. The objective is to enable the Sacrier to protect its allies, but with a risk if he fails to protect them. In this sense, when the target loses the Sacrifice effect, it will receive the Scar effect, making the target immune to Sacrifice and Life Transfer during one turn. The level of Sacrifice assigned by this spell will also be reviewed, since it will give a level equal to the number of enemies present in the combat. Its effectiveness will therefore adapt to face the threat.
  • Life Transfer: The amount of Health Points transferred with this spell will no longer be based on the maximum total life of the Sacrier, but on his level. This should help to harmonize its effect. In addition, the spell will no longer give the Incurable effect but sacrifice instead. Life Transfer will thus complement Sacrifice in the range of option for the tanking Sacriers.

Generally these changes should make a Sacrier specialized in tanking more efficient, but also more tactical. Penalties in case of failure of tanking, and therefore the application of the Scar effect could indeed be fatal to its allies (and for him)...

More information
If you want to read all of the proposed modifications in more detail, you can visit the thread created for the Sacrier revamp here. Note, however, that the values may change before we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.


How will these changes impact you?
With the revamp of the Osamodas, we wanted to give interest to each branch to offer three exciting gameplay possibilities. Your Osamoda will now have a support use and real choices to be made among his spells. This also allowed us to put its various specializations at the same power level than other classes of the same type (damage dealer, healer, etc.)...

An upgraded air branch for an improved Symbiosa
  • Scaraleaf Wing: The % chance to lose 1 MP is increased under the Dragon form and is changed to 30% (all levels). This was done in a search for coherence between all spells class with a MP loss mechanism.
  • Feather Tornado: To provide the Osamodas with the most effective possibility to disengage from close combat, the range of the spell will be changed from 0-4 to 2-4.
  • Phoenix Spirit: This will give a chance to the Osamodas to resurrect if in Dragon form (we also keep the same effect for summons, as was already the case). We wanted to make this change to implement the equivalent of Iop Virility and the Milky Instinct of the Pandawa.

As you can see here, the Air branch has undergone slight changes in its elemental spells, but mainly benefits of a new pack of support spells for the Osamodas in Dragon form. Enough to restore a new interest to this branch!

A rebalanced fire branch for pampered summons

  • Magpie: to give more impact it will be in cross area, which has led us to revise down its damage so it remains balanced.
  • Gurgling: to increase the interest of this spell, it will not increase Lock and Dodge but their summons Block.
  • Croak: will not increase the summons MP but their Critical Hits. The damage will be revised upwards. The gain of MP is already managed by Animal Guard, so we decided to "liberate" Croak to enable it to boost critical hits and increase its damage.
  • Possession: to provide better control on the summons, its cost will be lowered, its range will be rebalanced and it will lose its line of sight at max level. The Osamodas will no longer lose resistance when using this spell.
  • Osamodas Blessings: replaces Animal Blessing. Increase the "Art of Summoning" of the Osamoda which will control more creatures on the ground than before. Each level of "Art of Summoning" will increase the total level of summons that the Osamoda can control by 1. And in his dragon form, also note that Osamodas Blessing will give a bonus to critical damage. We made this choice to upgrade Leadership, which was useless for the Osamodas, but also to offer them the possibility to summon multiple creatures at once to assist in combat.
  • Animal Guard: in addition to having a chance to offer additional MP when triggered, this passive specialty will also provide damage and summon resistance bonuses. This allows us to give a real interest to the spell.

With this adjustment, the Fire branch of the Osamodas should finally be able to compete with the best damage dealer in the game. In addition, with a few changes to the mechanisms of summons, it should allow this class to have a more fluid and pleasant gameplay which will be able to reveal itself in groups.

An earth branch bringing back the Gobgob at the center of gameplay
Until now, the Earth branch used to guide the summons behavior. She was often found less useful than the other two branches (especially Fire). In addition to this, the Gobgob gameplay was underused. Thus was born the desire to completely overhaul the Earth spells and turn them into a branch dedicated to the Gobgob. All spells of the Earth branch are replaced by the following five:

  • Armored Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Starry Armor one time (shield increased by his mastery of Water).
  • Fast Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Shooting Star one time (switching place with the target).
  • Motivating Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Motivating Wish one time (heals and gives a bonus of +2 AP).
  • Protecting Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Lucky Star one time (increase resistances).
  • Weakness Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Star Rain one time (penalty to resistances if cast on an enemy, heals if cast on an ally).

Regarding the new Gobgob mechanisms you'll also see two new Specialty spells:

  • Critical Synergy: Will replace Gobball Steak. This new specialty spell will give bonuses to Block and Critical Hits for your Gobgob. You will also have these bonuses while under the Dragon form. With this spell, we were able to provide an additional useful active specialty for Osamodas.
  • Animal Link: In addition to heal the Osamodas at the death of a summon, as it was already the case before, Animal Link will transfer up to 100% of the Osamodas Earth mastery to the Water mastery for the Gobgob. Enough to make the Armored Wish powerful and strengthen the Osamodas role of support in relation with his Gobgob...

Note: the "charged" spells on the Gobgob will be the same level as your own spell.

With this new Earth branch we wanted to bring a gameplay that maximizes the idea that the Gobgob is a symbiote, that is to say, an organism that lives in symbiosis with one another. It is for this reason that the life of the Gobgob and the Osamodas will be linked (if one takes damage, the other too). In return it gives the possibility to the Osamodas to use two elements (Earth and Water) and opposite game styles (second damage dealer and support second healer): the specialization you choose will start from a very versatile base ... but dangerous if improperly utilized!

Note, however, changes in creature inventory management will be implemented with the April update:
Meanwhile, the Osamodas will continue to manage their creatures the same way, with a stock of summons that is lost when they die.

In April, you will have to forget this mechanism. Each Gobgob slot will contain only one creature (but you will be able to occupy several slots with several identical creatures). If your creature dies in combat, it will no longer be used for the remainder of the battle, but you will not lose it anymore as it is the case now. This will save you having to recapture all the time the same creatures without disempowering you about your summons management!

More information
If you want to read all of the proposed modifications in more detail, you can visit the thread created for the Osamoda revamp here. Note, however, that the values may change before we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.

That covers in outline the main changes to these two classes. We will continue to gather all your feedback and answer your questions as much as possible with the help of and Grou and Zeorus who worked on these revamps.