As you already know, over the last months the Game Designers have been working on revamping the character classes. Their goals are simple: more fun, more clarity, and above all: more balance. We expect these modifications to enhance the tactical aspect of the game, and improve coherency. Starting today, we will publish devblogs listing the main changes for the classes revamped in the February update. Of course, keep in mind that each individual revamp as to be taken as part of a bigger picture. Let’s start with the Iop and the Cra.

Harmonization of Critical Hits and a more linear evolution of the spells was the main focus of the class revamps. This can be noticed particularly on the Iop and Cra, whose changes are mostly focused on values of spells effects.


How will these changes impact you?
Our goal with the Iop was to harmonize it with the other classes. How? By removing double increments for example, or by limiting support spells that have the same use at level 1 and max level, or also by balancing the critical hit effects. Similarly, the effects of Power and Preparation have been modified to improve synergy between the two. All in all, this revamp should give you more gameplay alternatives, allowing you to build character for damage dealing, support or tanking.
Harmonization of spells effects
  • Super Iop Punch (FIRE): Currently, Explosion has 4% chances to trigger at level 0 and 40% at level 100. After the revamp, you will always have 30% chances to apply Explosion (for all levels).
  • Iop Wrath (FIRE): Same idea here. Explosion has 7% chances to trigger at level 0 and 72% at level 100. After the revamp, you will always have 66% chances to apply Explosion (for all levels).
  • Impact (EARTH): Chances to apply a loss of 1 MP are currently of 1% at level 0 and 10% at level 100. After the revamp, you will always have 10% chances.
The chances to apply the effects of these spells have been modified in an effort to bring more balance in the game. We want to have as many spells as possible with linear progression and avoid exponential progression and its tendency to generate unbalance.
Power and Preparation states
  • Jump (Specialty): In order to allow the Iop not to lose the “Power” state, this spell will no longer give the “Preparation” state, but the “Power” state.
  • Show Off (Specialty): To limit the similarity with Authority, this spell will no longer grant the “Power” state but “Preparation” instead.
  • Locking Pro: Instead of applying “Power” if the Iop locks, the Iop will now apply hinder if an enemy starts his turn in front of him. This should give make this spell more interesting and provide the Iop with an additional way to fulfill a tank role in PvP.

Other significant modifications
  • Defensive Stance (Specialty): This spell will no longer give chances to counter a spell in contact but grant Block points instead. We decided to make this change because the old mechanic was too confusing and too powerful in high level PvE.
  • Flatten (Specialty): We want to remove all “neutral” damage; therefore this spell will no longer inflict damages.
  • Bravery Standard: It currently only boosts allies. The revamp will allow it to also grant a buff to the allies for the following turn. Here again we hope to make this spell more interesting with its group mechanic.

More information
If you want to read all these modifications and more in details, you can visit the thread created for the Iop revamp, here. Note however that the values might change until we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.


How will these changes impact you?
Two things will improve with this revamp. First, the Earth tree will become more interesting and revolve around a better Riddling mechanic. This state will lose part of its random aspect, which was often source of complaints. This will also allow you to manage the MP loss inflicted to your opponent. Second thing: some obsolete or too powerful support spells have been modified, for better balance. You will now have to make real decisions when building your character. And we made sure that each possible build has a real interest! This should help you develop new strategies and bring more tactics to the class.

Range reduction
To do so, we decided to reduce the range of some of his spells. Although a Cra is meant to be master in ranged combat, it’s not uncommon to find them able to reach a target at the complete opposite of the combat area, making him almost invincible in some cases. We decided to reduce this advantage to emphasize the tactical aspect of the class.

The following spells have been adapted:
  • Windy Beacon, Incandescent Beacon, Seismic Beacon, Unbeacon and Beacon Sneakin': their range will be reduced.
  • Incandescent Beacon & Seismic Beacon: they will no longer have their “chain reaction” and “rebound” effects. The first one was deemed too powerful, and the second created too many issues in combat.
  • Heightened Vision: Here the range bonus will be reduced from +3 to +2 at max level.
  • Powerful Shooting: Damage bonus will no longer apply with a range of 5 and 8 cells, but a range of 4 and 7 cells.
  • Bat's Eye: Too powerful in PvP, this spell will be rebalanced and give a penalty of -2 Range instead of -3. It will only be usable every second turn.
Improving the Riddling mechanic
Other important change, in order to buff the Earth branch, the Riddling mechanic will be significantly improved:
  • Riddling: Will now guarantee +2 levels of Riddled per AP/MP/WP spent at max level (instead of +1 level and 60% chances to have a second level). Note also that upon triggering of Riddling, Riddled will be consumed and the state “Pinned Down” (of the same level) will be applied. This state will remove MP from the opponent. Another important change: it will now be up to you to trigger the Riddling state on a target of your choice with the spell Unbeacon. Game Designers made this choice to give you more flexibility in your strategy and limit random effects.
  • Riddling Arrow: Many players were unhappy with the Arrow Blow. To address this we gave it more flexible conditions of use, adapted its values and made it the first spell of the branch.
  • Destructive Arrow: Will be the last spell of the branch. It will consume the Riddled state and receive a damage boost based on the level of the consumed state. This should create a real mechanic around the Riddling state for this branch.

New precise shots mechanic
Finally, last significant change is the modification of precise shots. Our goal is to reduce its random aspect, but keep the same average damage bonus. This led to the following modification:
  • Cra Precision: Damage bonus will no longer range from +30% to +500% but +30% to +80%. However, chances to get a +50% or +80% bonus will be increased.

More information
You will find the thread and documents with the complete modifications here. Once again, please note that the values might change until we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.

This should cover the main modifications brought to these two classes. If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to share them with us on the forums.