If you own a White Crow Set, or were planning to acquire one, you might want to read this note first. The White Crow Amulet and White Crow Wings will be significantly modified in the next update.
Hi everyone,
In the next update, the White Crow Set will be rebalanced. We wanted to inform you as early as possible in order for you to prepare for this change.
We will modify the following items:
  • White Crow Amulet: will no longer be part of the set. Its stats will change from +1Range, +1AP to +1 Range, +1AP, +2CH, +9 Ini. Its rarity will change from Mythic to Legendary.
  • White Crow Wings: will now be part of the set. Its stats will change from +130HP, +15 Ini, +4 Parry, +3CH, +17% dmg, +17% resists, +1 round slot and 1 square slot to +108HP, +20 Ini, +15 Dodge, +3CH, +10% mechanics dmg, +10% back dmg, 1 round slot and 1 square slot. Its rarity will change from Legendary to Mythic.
Other equipment and their bonus will not change.
The runes on the cape will not change. If you already slotted runes, they will not be removed. However, as it is the case for any sets with runes, you will no longer be able to merge the White Crow Set.
The main reason for these changes is due to the fact that the new “imperial” sets have specific conditions to be created, in order to offer better customization possibilities of your equipment. One of these conditions is that sets that grant +1AP should all have a cape to avoid cumulating AP bonuses.
This modification can be considered as a “nerf” by some, but we deem it necessary to avoid flaws in the balancing of character equipment.
Here’s what you should keep in mind:
  • If you have the amulet, its stats and rarity will change.
  • If you have the cape, its stats and rarity will change (but the runes won’t).
  • If you have the complete set merged before the patch, you will be able to unmerge it after the maintenance, but you will receive the “new” set instead, with the cape. This means that your amulet will be replaced by a cape if you merge the set right before the update.
  • It will no longer be possible to merge the White Crow Set since its cape has rune slots.
That’s it, you now have all the information you need to prepare yourself before we implement these changes in the game.