In this article, Azael will tell you about the economy in WAKFU, and his plan to improve its impact on your daily life!
Hi there!
It’s been a long time since I wrote my last Devblog article, but today I decided to talk about the economy in WAKFU and how we plan to tweak it, in short and middle term.
We’re aware of the two main issues the economy is facing:
  • (in)accessibility to Kamas,
  • Huge gap between rich and poor.
This article will focus on the first point, accessibility, and its implications in the game.

Kamas? What’s that?

To have one Kama (especially the first one!) is actually very much time consuming, which has a direct impact on the “granularity” of the economy.
To make it simple, the harder it is to get a Kama, the higher its value.
Since we don’t have Kama “cents”, even a 1 Kama cost is expensive to our low level players.
This tends to lower the prices, or even make some resources impossible to sell because they’re deemed too “common”.
Therefore, we must act on the accessibility of Kamas to increase granularity of our economy. Here’s what we plan to do:
  • Increase the profitability of Kamas crafts,
  • Add the possibility to loot Kamas on bosses (wait until you read the rest of the article!).

Modifications of the Kama recipes

We will start with a revamp of the various Kama recipes to make them more profitable. Better than long explanations, here are the new recipes:
  • 1 Kama = 1 Iron,
  • 20 Kamas = 3 Copper + 5 Iron,
  • 40 Kamas = 3 Copper + 4 Grainy Manganese,
  • 60 Kamas = 4 Grainy Manganese + 3 Hazy Lead.
When a player had 1 Kama before, he will now have 10!
Don’t worry, we will also increase the amount of Kamas you already own on your characters, in your guild chests and nations treasury, the price of the items you put in the Market… These will automatically be multiplied by 10 when the revamp is implemented. If you had 1.000 Kamas on your character or in your chest, you will have 10.000 upon reconnection. Similarly, if you had an item in the Market for 10 Kamas, after the update its cost will be 100 Kamas (and the appropriate tax will apply)! No need to save ore in anticipation of these changes.

Boss drops

We’re currently looking into the possibility to get Kamas on dungeon bosses.
The higher level the dungeon, the better the gain.
We didn’t decide yet the amount of Kamas received, and we would actually like to have your opinion on this point.
Therefore, I invite you to let us know by commenting on this devblog: we will talk with your CCMs in order to take your feedback into account!

When will this be out?

Concerning boss drops, we don’t have any date planned yet since we’ll first wait for your feedback before making a final decision.
Concerning the Kamas recipes, they will come early next year.
I also want to use this opportunity to let you know that we want to make most Boutique items tradable in early 2013, in the intent to galvanize the economy.
And to make it even better, we decided to help you by giving you Kamas during the Kwismas period! All players with an active subscription between December 25th and 27th will receive 200 Kamas in the days following this period…
Merry Kwismas!