The new extension of your favorite MMO is coming out tomorrow: Krosmaster Arena! Friday we went back on all that we already communicated around the game Krosmaster Arena itself so that you have a little reminder of the rules and you can practice with the help of the tutorial before the release date. Today, we are doing a final briefing on the theme "Krosmaster Arena in WAKFU MMO" so that you have all the weapons in hand tomorrow. And finally, all the figures in hand!

how to discover krosmaster in game?

We have made it so that you can know everything about Krosmaster Arena without leaving your favorite MMO!

Here are 3 ways to make your first encounter with Krosmaster in game...

By meeting Chasa in Astrub

This character is waiting for you next to the tavern in Astrub. Talking to him will trigger a quest that will offer you to start your collection of figurines.

By looting your first Small Krosmaster Trinket Box

The Krosboxes are “blind boxes” containing a random Krosmaster figurine. You cannot know what figurine lies in your box before opening it. The Krosboxes can be obtained on all the creatures of the World of Twelve. The first time you find one and open it (using a simple double-click!), it will trigger a quest asking you to find an Arena table game. Yep, we will have to see what this is!

Entering a Gambling Joint

There are Krosmaster board game tables in all Gambling Joints of the World of Twelve. As soon as you enter one of them, a quest (daily) will trigger asking you to go to a board game table, win a game, making you compete against your first opponents!

Each of these quests goals is to guide you in your discovery of the rules and the art of Krosmaster Arena.

who will this interest?

The competitor

The first goal in Krosmaster Arena is obviously to get you started in the competition and become the best ranked player (part of the ladder)! Your efforts will bring you more than just glory... The Kroz! This "trade currency” can only be obtained by merit, during punctual events such as tournaments, but also at the end of each Krosmaster Arena ladder season. Thanks to them, you can collect exceptional items such as Ultimate sets or exclusive weapons! These objects will be available first on the WAKFU website for a preview, until Kroz become available for you to use. You got it right: Only the most deserving players will earn Kroz and therefore access to this content!

The collector

Competition, it is not your thing? You're more of a collector, playing without any pressure? So Krosmaster Arena is also for you! With more than forty collectible figurines, the Krosboxes are yours! As explained above, these can be found on all the creatures of the World of Twelve. There are 2 types of Krosboxes that come into play: the "classics" and "prestige". The Prestige Krosboxes can only be obtained on bosses (level 30 minimum) but give you more chances to find a rare figurine when you open it. There will indeed exist 3 degrees of rarity for figurines: common, rare and legendary.


The player

Krosmaster Arena is also a whole bunch of quests with their associated rewards. Going from the daily quest offered in various nations Gambling Joints to a longer quest waiting for you in the center of Astrub!

The crafter

You are not a competitor or a collector? Then you are probably a crafter! Krosmaster Arena figurines can be used in dozens of recipes for the Bakers and Handymen: Haven Bag decorations, board game tables, Krosmaster display windows, consumables ... There will be something for all tastes and all levels.

You're not any of the 4?

Then resell your figurines in the Market! There will surely be a competitor, a collector or crafter interested... A special category has been added to the Auction Houses during the last update, for any item related to Krosmaster Arena. Enough to give crazy ideas to the most Enutrofs of you!

how to manage ma collection?

In the previous update, a Krosmaster showcase dedicated to the Krosmaster figurines has been added to your Haven-Bag in the room dedicated to the management tools: It can contain all existing figurines in 2 copies. This display is also placed in all Gambling Joints in the World of Twelve. In addition to this, additional Krosmaster display windows can also be added to your Haven Bag thanks to crafting and the Boutique.

In the game when you loot a Krosbox, it appears in your classic inventory. To open and discover what lies within, you must double-click it. A one-armed bandit will appear on your screen with the entire catalog of figurines: A few seconds and that's it, you discover what figurine you inherited! It will then appear in your inventory and you just have to double-click it to send it automatically to the Krosmaster Arena Display Window in your Haven Bag!

You can also find your collection directly into the Krosmaster Arena game from the game main menu.

Important detail: The collection is linked to your account. You can consult it at any time, from any character, especially from any game (WAKFU, DOFUS or Krosmaster Arena).

How do i play?

Whether you're a Premium Member or not, you can play Krosmaster Arena.

A simple click on a board game table and go! Your character is positioned and Krosmaster Arena launches directly on your WAKFU game screen: It does not open any Internet browser. Indeed, during this time, your character remains present in game (in WAKFU) without being disconnected (it can however not be attacked or traded with).

Once this is done: furious duels will be yours!

You can leave Krosmaster Arena at any time to return to WAKFU, at the end of your game, or from the menus (by clicking on the small cross  on the top right of your Krosmaster Arena game screen).

The board game tables are interactive for all and not limited to two players, so you can all click on the same table to play since it does not affect the matchmaking in game.

What do i win?


Through quests. For example, the daily quest will give you 15,000 experience points if you win a game of Krosmaster Arena!


That can be used in a shop offering rare items that can only be purchased with this trade currency!

Equipment, sets, insignias and titles

With Kroz, but not only that! You can also earn equipment by completing quests related to Krosmaster.



The Krosmadex is the "dealer" dedicated to Krosmaster and can be found next to the tavern in Astrub. You will get one of four Krosmunster pets in exchange for a "Krosmaster Ball" token that you can get when helping Chasa ... We shall say no more!

Consumables and Haven-Bag decorations

Do you have too many figurines but you do not want to part with them? Transform them through craft! Handymen and Bakers have several recipes with main ingredient being the fruit of your Krosboxes.



Yep, you can always sell your figurines! We already an idea of the ones that will be sought after on the Market... But you can also sell your non-opened Krosboxes! Ecaflips will surely love this idea ...


Because we can never have enough...

Now you know everything about Krosmaster Arena and should be able to start your hunt for Kroz!
See you tomorrow in the Gambling Joints!