The next update will feature significant changes to give weapons linked to the crafting professions a new shine!
The aim of this revamp is to increase the value of craftable equipment by increasing its rarity and bonuses. We want craftsmen to be able to sell their carefully made gear at higher prices so that leveling a profession will be a more attractive prospect.

The following professions will be affected by the upcoming changes:
  • Armorer
  • Jeweler
  • Leather Dealer
  • Tailor
  • Close-combat weapons master
  • Area-of-effect weapons master
  • Long-distance weapons master

Modified Recipes

When this update's changes are implemented, crafting professions will be more dependent on craftable components. These elements will be used in almost all recipes, and in great quantity.

Craftable components for each crafting profession will be associated with a specific harvesting profession. For example, all the craftable components necessary for jewelers will be based on resources harvested by miners. Similarly, components that can be crafted by jewelers will not be used in other crafting professions.

These components will exist in groups that span 20 levels each, as will the recipes that use them. In order for this to work, we have had to add components to each crafting profession and remove others that did not correspond to the harvesting profession associated with the appropriate crafting profession (scroll down for the full list).

As well as requiring a certain number of new components, recipes will also require more droppable and/or harvestable resources. As a result, many recipes will become more difficult, but they will also offer much more experience (see the following section for more info). Many equipment items will also offer more powerful bonuses.

Experience Upgrade

We have taken into account your comments concerning the problem of very difficult recipes which only earn you as much XP as simpler ones created in great number. This is the main reason why we have entirely revised the amount of XP given for completing recipes. Now, XP gained will depend directly on the recipe's difficulty.

Let's take a jeweler recipe for example:
  • Recipe for 1 component requiring 10 ore = 100 XP.
  • Recipe requiring 10 components, 20 droppable resources and 40 ore = 1,000 XP.
A recipe requiring several components could rake in up to 5,000 or 6,000 XP!

This means that, instead of making the same piece of equipment 50 times to earn one profession level, you could create, say, 30 components and make 2 or 3 pieces of equipment with them, which would earn you the same amount of XP. One of the most useful effects of this system is that the market will no longer be full of items that nobody wants.

New Recipes for Weapons Masters

The weapons master professions (close-combat, area-of-effect and long-distance) used to have no high-level recipes. That's going to change. We'll be introducing new recipes, including those for the new legendary weapon system, applicable to every type of weapon.

All in all, we have created 30 new weapons recipes across the three weapons master professions.

Legendary Recipes

In order to make the crafting recipes even more attractive, for each of the professions affected by this update we have created level 100 recipes for legendary equipment.

You will only be able to use these recipes once. Once you've reached level 100 in a profession, you'll unlock an achievement and be rewarded with one component for a unique recipe (for example, the Master Armorer's Seal). This seal will not be exchangeable and you will only be able to obtain one per crafting profession.

If you're already a level 100 craftsman when this upgrade is brought into effect, you will automatically be offered a quest when you log into the game. When you accept it, all you'll have to do is go and talk to a specific Clan Member to pick up the seal of your choice.

Several legendary recipes will be available for each profession, and all of them will use this seal as an ingredient. As an armorer, for example, you'll have to choose between the Breastplate, Epaulettes, and Shield when making your legendary level 100 item. As you've probably already figured out, choosing between these three items, all of which are very rare and offer excellent bonuses, is going to be really tough!

 Oh, and don't worry about classes being left out: the bonuses given by these items will be varied enough to please everyone. If the Epaulettes in question are most suited to support characters, for example, the Breastplate might be made for summoners and the Shield for tanks. In conclusion, for each crafting profession, there'll be legendary gear for everyone, because every equippable piece (of armour or weaponry) will also be available in legendary! 

Be warned! A legendary item wouldn't be legendary if it was as easy as pie to craft. Be prepared to take on difficult recipes.

Removal of Certain Components

To wind things up for this devblog, we have some important information to announce that will affect you immediately.
In preparation for this large-scale update, almost all the recipes of the seven professions concerned have been modified. This has led to the removal of certain existing components, which will no longer be used for crafting recipes

As explained above, not only have we changed the ingredients needed to complete these new recipes, but also the quantities of components used. We have also rebalanced the items created so that the money and effort craftsmen now need to put into their creations will be justly rewarded.

Here's a little example featuring the Crucifly Epaulettes, a level 35 armorer recipe.
  • Currently: 1 Padding, 4 Moskito Wings, 1 Tsu Tsu Horn, 2 Moskito Paws = 100 XP. Common equipment = +12 HP, +10 Dodge, +7% Air Damage, +6% Air Resistance.
  • After the revamp: 10 Rickety Supports (1 Rickety Support = 3 Hazel Planks), 20 Moskito Wings, 7 Tsu Tsu Horns, 13 Moskito Paws = 1,000 XP. Rare equipment = +23 HP, +10 Initiative, +10 Dodge, +2 CH, +7% Air Damage, +7% Fire Damage.

Just to say it one more time (since it's so important): the majority of craftable equipment has been rebalanced to make these professions more lucrative. The only exceptions to this otherwise-global modification are craftable equipment items that can also be dropped and high-level items that have already been balanced to fit in with this new system.

Here's some more important information: the list of components that will not exist after the update. Don't forget to use them up in crafting recipes before this date. If you leave it too late, you won't be able to use them at all.

  • Padding;
  • Skein of Wool;
  • Twiglet;
  • Wadding.
  • Raternal Link.
Leather dealer:
  • Supple Sole;
  • Solid Loop;
  • Metal Support;
  • Lace.
  • Bestial Thread.
Close-combat weapons master:
  • Horned Guard;
  • Sticky Strap.
Area-of-effect weapons master:
  • Pricky Point;
  • Exchange Weight;
  • Tacky Strap.
Long-distance weapons master:
  • Elastic Cord;
  • Bombard.
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