The chances are you've already heard murmurs about the new adventure island soon to appear in WAKFU: the Whispering Island. If you're desperate to know more about the strange creatures that live there (and of course when exactly you'll get to meet them for yourself!), then read on...
Come closer, dear adventurer! You are about to witness something magical. Ever since Ogrest's Chaos, we've been discovering more and more new islands. They may seem barren and untamed, but some of them are quite the opposite. Not only are they decidedly inhabited; they're civilised and becoming well-known across the World of Twelve! So come, dear adventurer; join me and discover one of these islands whilst it's still shrouded in mystery.

The isle of which I speak is the Whispering Island, a strange place which seems to come from another era. Although nature appears to rule supreme on this island, its ruins aren't as abandoned as they seem to be at first glance. Life did not grind to a halt here. On the contrary. Despite its dry, dusty appearance, this is not a desert island - not by a long shot.

Woah! Did you hear that? A deep, low rumbling just came from over there! Let's go take a look! But keep your eyes peeled... That sound gave me the willies. Follow me!

The cries are getting louder and louder, and deeper and deeper. Can you feel them vibrating through your body? It's as though the earth itself were shouting. No... Not shouting. Howling... Howling with pain. Wailing, almost.  Did you feel that tremor? It felt like an enormous rock just hit the ground. We'd best go carefully, on tippy-toes... No, not literally, you'll sprain your ankle. Behave!

And whatever you do, don't bump into any of the stones scattered about. The slightest sound could give the game away... The THINGS might spot us...

Look! Cracklers! Dozens of Cracklers! They seem uneasy. Do you think there's some kind of predator in the vicinity? By Osamodas! What kind of creature can frighten great hulks like them? Maybe we should go... But... What the...?! Look at those Cracklers over there! It looks like they have tiny little towns built on their backs! How bizarre... That one has a turret coming out of its shoulder... And... 

What's that little thing poking out of the turret? It almost looks like some kind of animal. It walks upright and it's wearing armour... What could it be doing with that long piece of rope? Oh, we're about to get an exclusive demonstration, it seems. What? Why would you truss up a poor, unsuspecting Crackler? I don't understand this place at all! It looks like the little dude is whispering something in the Crackler's ear. Can you hear it? It's too quiet for me to catch from here. In any case, judging by the way the poor brute is writhing around under the rope, he's not being read a love poem.

I think we've stumbled upon something really quite significant. I don't know what's going on here, nor what to think of it, but we'll have to tell everyone about it when we get back home. Look! The Crackler on the ground seems to have given up struggling. He's worn out. Where are they taking him now?

Could you stop tapping me on the shoulder, please? It's kind of ruining what is otherwise a very intense and potentially moving scene. Hey! Did you hear what I just... OH! Uhm... Sup, buddy? Or... Sir? Madam? I do apologise. I must say, I love your armour. The little parts go perfectly with the black of your body! Pardon? I'm afraid I'm rather hard of hearing; could you speak up? I... WHAT?! Oh no! Run, my friend! Run for your life! Don't turn back! We'll meet again! RUN!

Aside from these funny little creatures, the Whispering Island is also home to a ton of content for players of level 95 and up, including dungeons, quests and plenty of other surprises.
Hungry for more? You don't have long to wait: the new adventure island will be open in game from Tuesday 2nd October!
See you soon in WAKFU!
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chowchow123 27 September 2012 15:14
Rokugatsu - Member - 27 September 2012 15:20
2nd of october? Nice! But does that mean we will get the whole update with class balance ect that day, or "just" this island?
meizinta 27 September 2012 15:35
I hoope they fix the motherfogger soon.. we gonna destroy that crackler turret with our turret mwahaaha!! cool
MoonBears101 27 September 2012 16:26
Wow, so looking forward to this.
JerryDB - Member - 27 September 2012 16:46
Come on Cracklers and rare stones ^^
Soundtrack8 27 September 2012 17:09
oh wow. 2nd of October is gonna be my favourite day for quite a while - get the whispering island + the mark of athena (book) released!
I'd also like to know what soem other people have asked. Will this update include any other features?
joselbt1991 27 September 2012 17:33
Looks great ph34r well done ankama
Razzorb 27 September 2012 18:04
@Rokugatsu i think only the island... because it was with the almanax the same..
Sting-Shotter - Member - 27 September 2012 21:39
SOOOO COOOl, now there are more monster's i can kill, WAANT THISSSS!!!
cant wait till october the second

Greetz, Basjejaspers
LeroyoreL - Member - 28 September 2012 08:09
Hoping for a new lvl cap and waiting for this update.