Dearest fellow surface-dwellers. I've heard that a few of you are steaming mad and want some answers to your questions regarding the terrible tomfoolery that seems to have revealed us to you. It wasn't the best way for things to come about and we would have liked for everything to have gone a little bit more swimmingly...
But unfortunately that's just sometimes the way it goes. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Wicky Leeks, great historian and librarian, at the service of the Foggernaut royal family. Our regent sent me to meet you. He'd like me to tell you a little bit more about our people, our history and the future that we would like to build with you.
The first texts date back to before the Great Cataclysm, before Ogrest's Chaos and even before the beginning of the eight century, at the peak of the Dofus Era.
"Although it is true we have found traces of an ancient civilisation on the outskirts of Sufokia, it remains to be known what became of its inhabitants. The curious machines found under the Temple of Oktapodas leave us wondering whether the Foggernaut people were able to flee the surface and take refuge deep under the sea. Either way, their technology (or rather their technomagic, as it is written in more recently discovered books) seems to be very advanced indeed. Perhaps we could use this miracle to our advantage?"
Peter Allabord, 642

Over the course of time, the Sufokians turned to the way of Oktapodas and gradually became the new Foggernaut people; basically, our ancestors. But just like with the generations before you, Ogrest's Chaos wreaked havoc amongst our predecessors.
"King Agon seems to be going crazy. Obviously nobody dares say a word and instead they just blindly follow his orders. The loss of his daughter during the flood absolutely destroyed him. It seems that, ever since that moment, his spirit has been possessed by the purplish jewel known as Stasili. It's the only thing he talks about and he places all his faith in it. I'm not so sure our trusty technomagic will harmonise well with this strange stone. As long as we're in control, everything will be hunky-dory, I guess. As it stands, the mechanical defence equipment we dispose of requires a man on board in order to function. Tests are being carried as we speak to see if these wooden and steel beings can eventually become autonomous. Maybe this is the next step in our evolution? Then again, who am I to know?"
Darl Charwin, 790

This young scientist certainly didn't think it was sure to say, so we got researching. The people of Sufokia, wanting to flee the surface Chaos, followed in the footsteps of the very first Foggernauts. They built an immense dome at the bottom of the ocean and constructed a gigantic city within it. Believing that life up top was no more, they baptised their city 'Sufokia' in memory of their past life.
There, away from all the harm in the World, kings came and went and the people grew and evolved.

 "Our research on technomagic is moving in the right direction! The Sufokians are stronger than ever! We've found a way to overcome the weakness of our organic bodies. Little by little, the workers have been replacing their tired limbs with prosthetics run on Stasis energy. If the first Foggernauts had the hang of technomagic, I think we can safely say that, thanks to Stasili, we've well and truly mastered it! The modern man will be mechanical. Think of all the advantages this unique knowledge could bring us! From our homes to our bodies, Stasis is absolutely everywhere, pleasantly leading us all into the same way of life. It's time for those still happy to live as Oktapodas made them to understand that, despite what he leads them to believe, we, the reformed Foggers, are better than them. May Rushu clamp down on their blessed butts! It's only thanks to our technomagic and our most advanced cognitive competences that our people continue to live on! One way or another we must seize the power that reigns over the city and convince our peers to embrace these changes on their own bodies, just like we have done ourselves. Who knows, perhaps we'll even be ready to resurface and annihilate those who fight against us... We used to be surface-dwellers, so these lands are rightfully ours!"
General Sid Sero, 816

Unfortunately, our benevolent King didn't see it the same way. Protecting his conventional men at all costs, he put down the rebellion. This event is known by our people as the Mechanical Uprising. A radical civil war raged for a number of long, dark days. Eventually, these events resulted in peace between the two sects. Body modifications are still being carried out all over, but the tensions have simmered down. The royal family solemnly swore never to resort to technomagical surgery to guarantee purity in their line of descent. During this time, our scientists invented soul receptacles running on Stasis energy. Our people were evolving and becoming increasingly mechanical. The majority of the population soon looked nothing like their ancestors.

"We need resources. We've run out of Stasis energy. We have to resurface and boldly go where Stasis exists in abundance in its natural state. Our guides have informed us that the ancient inhabitants of the World are still present. We must co-operate with them. Our appearance will no doubt repel them, but these primitive beings might just be our salvation! Whatever you do, do not cause them to panic. They must understand that we come in peace."
Regent Skye Nett (by order of Prince Adal), 969

Unfortunately, we have been overtaken. Apparently, some of the very first modified beings found prototypes of our mechanical shells and sent them into war against you. We're distraught. The last thing we want to do is rock the boat.  We only wish for our people to survive, nothing more. A first wave of back-up will arrive soon, followed by the rest of us, if all goes to plan. Our receptacles have been designed to contain any new soul wanting to join us.  Please, once again, accept our sincere apologies for this unfortunate turn of events. We would like to work together, hand in hand and side by side, towards a better future for our respective communities.