This probably won’t come as a much of a surprise but... major changes are on their way! This devblog article will give you an overview of the changes that have been undertaken and the reasons that have motivated our choices.

Today, you get a sneak peek into the future of Wakfu!

A Comprehensive Game

One of the major flaws of Wakfu as it is now is how difficult it is to grasp the concepts.
For testers who’ve been with us since the beginning, that probably doesn’t sound right – after all, you’ve been able to wrap your mind around the concepts - but we’ve noticed that beginners confronted to the game mechanics for the first time have a really hard time understanding some of them. You have to admit that being forced to read a gaming manual before even starting to play a game isn’t the most enjoyable thing there is.

The problem applies to different gameplay features: map builds, crafts, Wakfu & Stasis, the ecosystem, citizenship, etc.

The basic changes we’ve made over the last three months have been to simplify these features as much as possible, the interface and layouts have been changed for everything to work better as a whole and for the feel to be more intuitive.

Breta, a breath of fresh air

Breta is one of the four nations of the Bonta archipelago. It was thought up to be a welcoming environment to guide players once they come out of Incarnam.

Breta, concept art v1

It all starts with a newb area, divided into several low levels areas. There’s a village, fields, meadows, ruins and even a Fort and a Prison ... Everything to make a nice starting area for beginners to learn how to play the game in a safe haven, protected inside their nation’s walls.

Beyond this point, the players’ exploration will be hampered by aggressive monsters and players with a feel for PvP. Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything, so we’ll leave you to explore it!

Trade me a Craft

Up to now, right from the start all the available professions and a wealth of information regarding crafts was available to you straight away – in all fairness that was a bit too much information to digest all at once.

Now, you’ll have to go through a Clan Member in order to learn a profession. They will make sure that you understand the workings of the craft before you can actually move on to practicing that profession.

But don’t worry - if you’re fast on your feet and use your brains like you should, you’ll still be able to learn all the professions that you’d like.

Wakfu & Stasis Concept Revised

As I hinted to in the last devblog, the concept of Wakfu and Stasis has changed and is no longer what it used to be. Now, all actions relating to planting (or refurbishing) will be of a Wakfu nature, while all destructive behaviour will be a of a Stasis nature.
Wakfu and Stasis become less of an ideology and more the definition of a being. Doesn’t that remind you of anything? One of the oldest mottos of Wakfu was: "Your character will be defined by your actions." Well, that’s exactly what happens here. Your Wakfu or Stasis incline will tell the world if you’re more prone to destroy or repopulate the ecosystem.

The state of your personal Wakfu / Stasis gauge will open different possibilities but will no longer make you susceptible to receiving Crime Points.

Wondering what the consequences of your actions on the ecosystem will be?

Citizens of the World Unite

A new gauge has replaced the Wakfu & Stasis gauge that you know. This new citizen gauge shows you your status towards your nation, if you are in agreement or disagreement towards it.
The more points you have, the more bonuses and rights you’ll get. Conversely, the further you are along the negative path, the more you’ll be restricted and also the bigger you’ll be on the wanted list.

It is not unlike the crime points in many regards.

Your actions on the ecosystem will have two consequences: increase or decrease your Wakfu or Stasis state but also affect your citizen gauge - depending on whether or not you follow your Clan Member’s wishes.

As for your actions on other territories, they will not be without consequence! They will affect your citizen gauge depending on the relations and treaties between the two governments.

Balancing and Improvements

As expected, many changes have been made during these past few months - balancing classes, interface changes, general enhancements and the list goes on and on.

We’ll tell you more about them in future articles of the devblog in the days and weeks to come.

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