For decades, the greatest scientists have been studying that mysterious energy rediscovered after the Chaos of Ogrest - Wakfu. The greatest researchers have been working to understand its origin, function, and how to control it.

Until now, many theories have emerged on Wakfu and Stasis. The last officially recognized by the CUGA was that Wakfu represented Nature’s balance, the ideal state for all life in all ecosystems. In contrast, Stasis was the imbalance, the overcrowding and the under-population of a species.

This theory seemed to have been confirmed by the arrival of Gemlins - adventurer’s eternal companions that held immense knowledge and were a reflection of their master’s souls - turning blue when their master was a Wakfu follower and purple when their heart was thought to be more Stasis inclined.

And so it is with these instructions from the CUGA that Clan Members, the protectors of our land, have made sure that law and order was enforced on their ecosystem.

But the latest research by the Prophet Daryl came to question this theory. If you still doubted that Gemlins where pranksters, you’ll soon change your mind.

The offspring of Incarnam have come clean. They’ve been playing us for months! Their representation of our karma is wrong...

After that revelation and a series of inconclusive interrogations with them - the creatures have not proven worthy to provide a clear and consistent explanation - all theories are once again under consideration.

We are back to basics ... Wakfu would appear to be the glue of nature and the symbol of creation. While Stasis, is the juice of machinery, synonymous with death and destruction. Are they the two sides of the coin? Could they be opposite energies?

While waiting for the results, the CUGA has decided not to change the current ecosystem and territory management system. But you must prepare yourself - changes are on their way, and anything could happen...