Hear ye, hear ye! Brave architects of the World 12, the day has finally come!

The whole Level Designer team, accompanied by the CCMs, have carefully looked over your entries for the “What a Beach!” contest!

Here is our selection of the most beautiful beaches... and the name of the lucky winner!

Almost Finalists

They were chosen by the members of the jury, but have not managed to amass enough votes to enter the top 3. Each will receive, if desired, the forum title of Apprentice Landscaper.


Plage de Toataou

A beach that seems like good fun! It reminds me of old family vacations...

Kura: love the idea of the kite.


Plage d'Astaris I like the tower on the beach, easy to see invaders before they land.

Pixcraft: A majestic tower which makes visitors want to enter and discover what secrets hide behind its doors!


Plage de Carnelian Here, there are no frills, it’s a natural beautiful scenery. A wild beach that’s just ready to welcome someone. This is the island where I would like to get lost! It’s simply beautiful! One of my personal favourites!

Zidrune: I love the architecture of this little oasis. As they say, simple but effective!

Alrik: A small natural lake mixed with sea waves, this is the premise of happiness!


Plage de Julien Chen This beach has a swamp feel to it, we love the small temple dedicated to Iop on the coast of this wild foggy beach.

Alrik: A beach that is almost eerie yet full of mysteries - who makes you want to flip every grain of sand to unearth all of its secrets! It is bold, and I love it!


Plage de Droidenlamuraille One of the most original beaches that has activities for every class! I particularly like the octopus volleyball net or the hopscotch for Sacriers

Fhenris: Humor and easter eggs, what’s there not to love. I can see you really thought about this to make awesome pictograms! Congratulations.

Alex: The hopscotch for Sacrier ... It works, it really made me laugh!


Plage de Lagotar His awesome creation is full of references to popular culture. But will you be able to find all of them?

Pixcraft: How could one not be amazed by that glorious round table? Definitely a place that has made its mark on history and that could not leave historians indifferent.

Kura: The beach really tells a story. One could only imagine the quests and challenges that could go on here - and I’m not even talking about all the role-play possibilities. The references to Kaamelot made me laugh, truly one of the best beaches for me.

Top 3 Winners:

Here are our top three winners, that clearly stand out by the number of votes they’ve received. Each will receive an avatar on the forums with an exclusive title both on the forums and ingame - it will be added with the next patch.

Third Place: Darvania

Plage de Darvania Beautiful setting even if you did not follow the isometric system too closely!

Alrik: a perfect mix between the lush countryside and dry hot sands, heightened by beautiful and soothing colors - and there’s even a waterfall to wash away the sand to boot!

Second Place: jrejROSSI

Plage de Jrejrossi More than a beach, a whole island can be found here. The highlight for me is that it’s has a Wakfu feel to it, even the pictograms that were created by the author give off that impression.

Kura: Very nice and nice job on taking into account the constraints of Wakfu. I particularly applaud the creation of pictograms that you’ve drawn yourself. I’d almost want to spend my vacation there, if there wasn’t the risk of being engulfed by the vortex that is. Who knows, perhaps a hidden treasure would make me change my mind...

Fhenris: My second favorite, with its created elements - I love this islands!

First Place: bocuk

Plage de BocukBocuk And finally here is our winner! I’m very proud to announce that the winner was from the international community. =) Her 'Starfish Cove' has won the hearts of the judges! This white sandy beach has won victory almost unanimously. This is the beach you will find someday on Wakfu! Maybe in a few weeks, perhaps in a few months (hoping that it won’t be in a few years! ) but it’ll come! Just have to give time to our team of Level Builder to find a suitable environment for it ingame.

Fhenris: Very nice choice of colors, original, with homemade pictograms, you are our champion!

Alex: Just what it takes, well balanced, even if some guy was laying butt nacked, it’d still be perfect!

Alrik: A stellar ocean coast, with a touch of mystery: everything that I like!

BenK: it was difficult to pick one of the three... nice job guys, I hope you’ll continue doing stuff as awesome as this!

Random Beaches

With over 140 entries, not everyone can get rewards. But here's a quick selection of beaches that have attracted my attention.

Plage de Bakka Minou Plage de catgrenney Plage de Defunc Plage d'Escogryphe Plage d'Evilandrex Plage de Fatality Power Plage du Faux Rhum Intérieur de la plage du Faux Rhum Plage de Foundation Plage de Fumetphe Plage de Giveitaway Plage d'on ne sait pas qui Plage d'Izura Plage de Jacogerber 2 Plage de Justfinley Plage de Kamawashy Plage de Kilaness Plage de Kimchicrusader Plage de Kollbill Plage de Kurakira Plage de LeSoleilNoir Plage de Lord Azeran Plage de Luigigab Plage de Mattrockstar Plage de Neiphtyselenwel Plage de Nenoulilly Plage de Nicolascccmoi Plage de Pattrick Plage de Ryanh92 Plage de Scorpyopanda Plage de Supermothyandco Plage de Tedinichou Plage de Tinsol Plage de Undeas Plage de Voyageurdesrêves Plage de Welshpixie

Thanks to all those who participated!

It was really awesome to have the honour of seeing your work!

Kura: love the idea of the kite.
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