Greetings everyone, I’ve come to talk to you about a new feature that was presented to you in the 0.210 update – criminality!

What are crime points? Simple, they are points received when you don’t respect the rules of the land you are visiting. I’ll go over it with you point by point.

What of choosing a nation?

The importance of choosing a nation has increased exponentially with the additions of the last patch. In order to test the new legal system, nations were given an orientation of Wakfu or Stasis. These orientations were set randomly on the islands and will later be added to the archipelagos. The orientation determines the set of laws available to the governor, therefore it is very important to choose your nation wisely. If you want to be a Stasis player, try to avoid starting on a ‘pro-Wakfu’ nation. You can see the nation’s orientation on the nation selection panel.

Choisir la nation Ohm

  • Ohm: Wakfu inclined nation
  • Sevamor: Neutral nation with a slight Stasis inclination
  • Emelka: Neutral Nation without any inclination for either Stasis or Wakfu
  • Mork: Stasis inclined nation

Where art thou law ?

You should also be careful and watch out for what is legal and illegal in the territory you are visiting. Your arrival station will be your first brush with the new constitution (aka legal system). You can find the set of rules by going to the ‘Community’ menu or with the ‘Shift + P’ shortcut.

Here is the constitutional reference table (in French):

The ‘Légalité” column tell you if the action is legal or illegal. The ‘Peine’ column (or penalty column) indicates the amount of Crime Points (CP) you will get if you commit this crime. For example, it is illegal to commit a stasis action on the fauna or flora. There is a 2 CP penalty for doing that type of action.

Moreover, and as with the Wakfu and Stasis actions, as soon as an action is illegal it is indicated in the right click action menu, with the criminality icon shown below:

The criminality icon flashes on top of the regular one that tells you whether it is a Wakfu or Stasis action, so remember to look and make sure that you’re not about to do something illegal!

What happens when I do something illegal ?

Every time you do something illegal, your CP count will rise. You need to be mindful of this in all situations. If, for example, it is illegal to attack a certain type of monster and you are attacked by a mob of three, you will receive 3 times the CP indicated in the Constitutional Reference Table.

When you commit a crime, there will be a floating text indicating the received amount of CP.

The more illegal acts you commit, the more your crime points will rise. You can see the total in the ‘International Status’ menu.

You can accumulate a maximum of 49 crime points per nation without any consequences, but as soon as you reach 50, you automatically become an outlaw in that nation. The nation’s citizen will then be able to assault you, without any legal repercussions. If you become a criminal against your own nation, you will no longer benefit from the nation’s bonuses, will no longer be able to vote, and will lose the right to be governor (or lose the title if you were one already)..

Once you reach outlaw status, you will be flagged as such with a criminal icon hovering over your head.

The flag will be visible to all players from whose nation you are an enemy. For example, if you are of Ohm nationality and become a Mork outlaw, all Mork players will see the outlaw icon over your head. You on the other hand will only see it while on Mork territory.

How to know where I’m in trouble ?

We have implemented a very simple color code:

  • Green: my nation’s territories
  • Yellow: Territories of a nation where I have done nothing of reproach
  • Red: A nation’s territory where I am outlawed

That way, when you open your map you can see right away where you can go safely without fear of being aggressed and where you’d better avoid going.

If you happen to become an enemy of your own nation, you will no longer see any green territories.

How can I annul my Crime Points ?

The only way to remove Crime Points and to get a clean slate is to go to prison and serve a prison sentence equivalent to the CP accumulated - There are two ways to go to prison: You can go see the prison warden and give yourself up, which will reduce your sentence by 20%. Or, you can be brought to justice by another player - losing a PvP match on an enemy territory is a ticket to go straight to jail.

How can I find out what my current international status is ?

To always know where you stand on the international front, you can look in the same menu where a nation’s rules are displayed; the ‘personal information’ tab (‘Shift + P’ shortcut). There, you’ll find a summary of your CP for every nation.

As a Governor, how can I change the law ?

In one of your territories, right click on a Clan Members and choose ‘Customize this protector’. Then, on the ‘Nation Legislation’ tab, you’ll find options to make modifications to the laws. The menu is still a work in progress, and is not very sexy at the moment, but it is functional and will allow you to change the laws of the land.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether certain actions are legal or illegal, and the number of Crime Points given for an infraction. The number ‘0’ indicates that there is no CP penalty given, therefore that the action is legal. Once you’ve made all necessary modifications, don’t forget to save by clicking on the ‘apply’ button.

Few things you should know

  • Laws have priorities!
  • Attacking a nation’s enemy while they are on your territory is ALWAYS legal. No matter what nation they are from, or if they are of Wakfu or Stasis alignment.
  • Wakfu/Stasis laws have priority over the Citizen/Outlander laws. So, if for example a player is a citizen and Wakfu >30%, the Wakfu law has precedence. So in this case, when referring to posted chart, attacking a Wakfu citizen would give you 5 CP rather than 15.
  • Just because you see a player with an outlaw flag doesn’t necessarily mean that you can legally attack him. Here’s an example. Let’s say, you are Emelkan, currently visiting Ohm. If you see a Mork character who is outlawed in Emelka, you'll see the outlaw flag over his head because he is your nation’s enemy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is Ohm’s enemy. If he is not and you attack him, you will be the one to receive Crime Points from the nation of Ohm. That’s why you should always pay attention and make sure that the criminality icon is present when you right click for an attack.
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