Is it your destiny to die here?

Didn’t your momma tell you not to play with dangerous weapons? Well now you know where these things lead – right through the doors of Wakfu Prison. If you can break laws, surely you can break stones, and now you’ll have a country all of your own to do it in. Don’t worry though, there’ll be no life sentences here, we’ll just bang you up long enough to let the cool air of an Amakna dungeon chill your blood.

Each of you future prisoners of Wakfu will be assigned to the cell most befitting your crime. And let me give you a little advice: if you’re feeling the cold, don’t bother cuddling up to your "Clan members" or heating up affairs on the the neighbouring island, it could cost you more than a few days of freedom. Do you like hard work? Well let’s just say the long and winding pebble roads of Amakna aren’t free! "

Most days in prison are horrible, and as you know, there’s a new day at least once a day.

I am the law

And no, this is not some judge offering up free hotel rooms to unruly holiday-makers - for now, any citizen can send you to prison for uprooting precious crops or killing endangered species on his territory. How? Simply by winning a PVP fight against you. This may change later when the ranks of Government begin to fill up, and later still, when the crime-fighting militia is created.

Remember that all citizens have the right to visit you in jail or to keep you going with gifts… or to throw tomatoes at you while you lie in chains (well, we’re not sure about the tomatoes...).

I want you!

Don’t worry, this old uncle didn’t come to sign you up for hard time, but just to remind you that prisons are tightly linked to the politics systems. All this won’t take effect just yet, but the feared day won’t be long coming, criminals of Amakna! We’re going to give the governors great powers to form the laws of the land and to punish scheming outsiders.

The nations of the World of Twelve are on the rise, and your type won’t be tolerated...

Let’s go Pooch, get down to it, Alcatraz wasn’t built in a day you know.

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