It’s about time we told you about our progress on the latest version of the Osamodas Symbiote. The principle in this version remains the same, that is, that Osamodas can attempt to seduce creatures from the game world and make allies of them. Here’s how it works:

Capturing a monster

To capture monsters, Osamodas must use their seduction spell, which is a support spell, and so has five levels (0-4). The amount of monsters that can be caught at the same time depends on the level of the spell. At its most basic level, the spell allows one creature to be caught, with one extra creature becoming available per level of the spell, up to a maximum of 5.

During a PvM battle, the Osamodas can try casting a seduction spell to finish the fight. First of all, the Osamodas must be capable of seducing another monster, according to how many have already been seduced and the level of the spell. Several other criteria will come into play:

  • The monster‘s Health Points: the lower the monster’s HP, the more chance an Osa will have of capturing them. A monster with full HP will be almost impossible to capture.
  • The monster‘s level : the higher the monster’s level, the harder it will be to capture.
  • The monster‘s Will: during a capture attempt, the will of the monster and the will of the Osamoda are compared. If the Osamodas has more will, the capture will be easy, and vice-versa.
These criteria combine to establish a probability of capture, so it is very important to take them into account when attempting this. Once the monster is captured and joined to the symbiote, it can be summoned in combat to help the Osamodas.

Management of Symbiote

Your symbiotes will now be stored in your inventory (keyboard shortcut “I”) and will be represented by a symbiote icon.

Simply left click on the symbiote to open a window containing 5 pods. The greyed-out pods are unavailable. Pass your cursor over a creature to find out more about it, such as its name, it’s species, its HP and its max and min levels.

A small colour graphic also helps you tell the creatures apart. Each monster family has a drawing of its own - on the screenshot, you can see “field plant”, "Tofu" and Gobball” creature types. The colour indicates the level of the monster compared to that of the Osamodas.

  • Green: The creature is weaker than the player
  • Orange: The creature has a more or less equal level to the player.

Open an option menu by clicking on a creature:

  • Release the creature: Allows you to release a monster and create space in the symbiote.
  • Rename the creature: Allows you to change your monsters’ names.
  • View details of the creature: More information about the monster.

Information about monsters

Players can open the windows to compare all monster details. For now, the information is rather sketchy, but eventually, the player will see all the characteristics of a monster and its spells.

Currently: AP, MP, WP, Initiative and will

Summoning a monster in fight

Once in combat, the Osamodas may call creatures they have previously captured using their Summoning spell. But watch out, like any other invocation, it must have enough points in Commandment. If the character has 5 creatures in its symbiote but only 2 points in Commandment, only 2 creatures can be summoned simultaneously.

It’s easy to summon a creature: Just click on the Summoning spell shortcut to open the symbiote window. The player can then choose the creature they wish to summon, which will indicate the cells in the sphere of combat that are available. It would have to choose the box and start him. Once the creature invoked, its icon is grayed in the player can no longer summon the symbiote again, since it is in combat.

Power of summons

To balance the current overpowering of Osamodas when combined with their creatures, the new system varies the power of the monsters according to the number of summons in use. This system allows complete freedom for the player, who will have the choice to have a single powerful creature or several ‘smaller’ creatures in combat. The power varies as follows:

  • 1 creature in combat: 80% of damage and Health Points
  • 2 creatures: 60%
  • 3 creatures: 50%
  • 4 creatures: 33%
  • 5 creatures: 25%
(These values may change.)

So, when a player summons a first creature, it will have 80% of their HP and 80% of their damage. If the Osamodas summons another, they will both have 60%. At three, this will drop to 50%, etc… However, if the Osamodas has for example 3 creatures in play and one of them is killed, the other two will returned to 60%.

Level of creatures

A captured creature can never be of a higher level than the Osamodas who summons it. For example, an Osamodas named Kerman is level 25. He goes into battle with a level 30 Gobball War Chief and manages to capture the Gobball. The creature will thereafter have a maximum level of 25 as a symbiot of Kerman.

Symbiotes can still evolve once caught, however, and can reach a higher level than creatures in the ecosystem. However, the maximum level that a creature can reach depends on the creature itself. It is impossible to evolve a Tofu to level 200 for example. To take the example above: Kerman climbs to level 26. The warlord was captured at 25, but now it can also evolve to level 26, but no matter what, the warlord will never go above level 36.

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