I can already picture your face at the sight of this avatar… Talentyre is not posting today. What you must know is that Talentyre is extremely professional, and for his first DevBlog, he wants it to be perfect from every angle. So, while we wait for him to finish his 293rd check, here is a little surprise for you!

On second thought, we must admit that you were right: one hundred beta-testers won’t be enough! So we’ve gone wild and decided to add up two zeros to that number!

YES… YOU HAVE A GOOD VISION! We’re inviting 10,000 players to participate in the closed beta. We’ll certainly need all of you to test our brand new Wakfu and its new features.

It will also be a good opportunity for us to see the impact of a great number of players on the ecosystem and, incidentally, check that our servers will keep up the charge!

So keep an eye on your emails, your invitation could be arriving soon! The great migration to the Amakna archipelago will start on June 11!