Changing Devblogs is like moving house… First you are delighted by the entire thing with big clear rooms, clean white walls, and a décor you could have done yourself! Then, movers (or strong mates) intervene and carry dozens of boxes full of stuff you don’t even remember buying… and that’s when you realize you’ll hate that transition period! You know it’ll take you months to sort out everything, and meanwhile you’ll have that leaking tap and a plumber to call, not to mention the fact that that you won’t have internet access for at least three weeks!!!

I’m pretty sure you’ll get this metaphor…

what’s the news from our development team? Let’s see…

The weeks were shortened lately (lots of French bank holidays) but the team is keeping up the good work! There’s no big exclusive news… No, “just” regular stuff…

But we know you well, and can already hear some grumblings… So, just for you is a preview of the new aptitudes! Round of applause for Zeorus and Franho!


  • Fast Restoration: Increases the number of Health Points
  • Flash Reflexes: Increases Initiative
  • Snake Flexibility: Increases dodging rate
  • Gobbowl Player: Increases tackling rate
  • Lucky Shamrock: Increases Critical Hits rate
  • Kama-Lover: Increases the quantity of Kamas gained at the end of fights
  • Science of Apprenticeship: Increases the Experience gained at the end of fights
  • Action Man : Increases the total amount of AP
  • Science of Summoning: Increases the number of creatures that can be summoned at the same time
  • Science of Mechanisms: Increases the number of mechanisms that can be set at the same time
  • Trap Expert: Increases trap damage
  • Therapist: Increases the quality of healing spells
  • Science of Kick-butt: Increases damage dealt from behind
  • Prospector: Increases Prospecting
  • Iron Will: Increases Will
  • Swift Man: Increases the total amount of MP
  • Vision Goggles: Increases Range (only applies to long-distance spells)
  • Knowledge of Equipment: Reduces the required level to equip items
  • Mental Power: Increases Mental Attack (with ability to make the enemy lose AP/MP/WP)
  • Mental Resistance: Increases Mental Defense (with ability to make the enemy lose AP/MP/WP)
  • Knowledge of Fire&Water : May make Fire targets sensible to Water spells or Water targets sensible to Fire spells
  • Knowledge of Earth & Air: May make Earth targets sensible to Air spells or Air targets sensible to Earth spells

Well, these are the 22 first aptitudes which are common to all classes. Remember that the ten missing aptitudes (out of the 32 announced) are the ones which will boost support spells.

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