Good eveningLately, I've taken the habit of starting all my posts saying they would be short.This time, I won't just say it, I'll do it Let's first talk a bit about the progress since last week.Resource management in the SatchelThat's it! You can sow in your satchel, as long as you have a gem of the "harvest" type.It doesn't sound like much, but it means that you can plant some wheat seeds, go for a walk around the world of Wakfu, come back a few minutes later and... shazam! The wheat has grown, you can harvest it.And it even works if we shut down or restart the server, if we disconnect/reconnect...Rewriting of the monstersCurrently in testing on Emelka, to do a last pass on balancing.DungeonsIn testing too, with all their effects, monsters, doors that open...Ah, and I was mistaken: there won't be 6 dungeons on Emelka island.There will be more :pProfessionsThe code is in testing, the recipes are still being added (we've to add quite a few, so you don't get bored :-/ )Character spellsIn testing. It's a long process, especially as we are working on the description texts, to make them shorter, concise and more readable.New interfacesThe world map is redone (although the design needs validation, still). So are the timeline, inventories, and spell bars. We are starting the end of combat interfaces (already designed), and then the exchanges.Weather effectsWoah, if you could see the rain in game! It's too beautiful, it's like you were there OK, for the wind, it still needs a bit of polish, but it should be fine, too.Some technical bitsWe add a lot of little things, corrections here, improvements there... the main goal being that there may be as many of you playing as possible.We are thus progressing on how many players can be handles by a single server.This means sharing data between machines, keep everything up to date... it doesn't look like it, but it's all this that will allow several dozen thousands players per world!Economy In order not to have everything break down in a few months, we are setting on paper Wakfu's economy now, and trying to take into account: exchanges, money, auction houses, satchel's shops, but also the fight against bots.And otherwise, a little bit more details?A few words on spellsThe main difference with the existing spell system: no more tree.Each class has access to 3 elements out of 4, and each of those 3 elements contains 5 spells.On character creation, only one spell of each element is accessible. So on level 1, you'll only have 3 elementary spells.As soon as a spell hits level 2 (generally after the first fight), the 4 other spells of the element gets unlocked.Conclusion: it's more or less like before, except that you can use all the spells you want as early as the second level. You won't be forced to level spells that are useless later on, you won't have to wait X levels so that you can unlock the spell of your dreams.After these elemental spells, you'll also have 10 support spells. This term of "support" is perhaps not the most adequate, so don't worry if it gets changed for the update :pThese spells will be different in three ways:1- They won't have 100 levels, but only 5.2- They don't gain xp during fights.3- They are increased through the aptitudes (see the previous post about the character sheet)Amongst those support spells, you'll find all the spells for which 100 levels didn't make sense, such as Iop's Jump.There you go, it's a bit short, but a small picture being nicer than an old speech, here is a little screenshot. KamThanks to Fulminata for his help in translation
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