Hello, The time has finally come for us to give you some more accurate information about class spells. You’ll get to see and appreciate Franho’s work on all icons and interfaces… the poor dude’s been working his hands to the bones to get them all done, as well as Vliir and Iko, graphic artists who are in charge of visual effects and do their best to give each spell and each class a genuine identity. At the moment, 7 classes have been revised (or are being revised): Iop, Cra, Ecaflip, Sacrier, Feca, Eniripsa and Xelor. Here is where we stand regarding those spells:

Iop (95%) - Creation and data entry of spells: 98% - Icons: 100% - Visual effects: 85%

All spells have been created. A couple of modifications are still required to make them work well. All icons have been revised and corrected completely (Cf. screenshot). All visual effects of elementary spells have been revised and corrected. A couple of support spells still need to be refined. List of Spells: Fire: Fulgur, Judgement, Justice, Celestial Sword, Iop’s Wrath Earth: Earth Fist, Impact, Shatter, Charge, Seismic Shock Air: Gust, Intimidation, Jab, Eddy, Uppercut Support: Leap, Halt, Vitality, Refusal, Provocation, Compulsion, Devotion, Way of Bravery, Amplification, Constraint

Cra (90%) - Creation and data entry of spells: 95% - Icons: 95% - Visual effects: 80%

There are still a lot of support spells to create, while others are defined and operational. As for the icons, all that’s left is to colour in the support spells, same for the visual effects - only the support spells have to be reviewed. List of Spells: Water: Arrow Blow, Frigid Beacon, Plaguing Arrow, Absorptive Arrow, Blizzard Arrow Fire: Ardent Arrow, Ardent Beacon, Flashing Arrow, Burning Arrow, Explosive Arrow Earth: Lashing Arrow, Bounce Beacon, Homing Arrow, Piercing Arrow, Destructive Arrow Support: Clearance, Definite Beacon, Deviation, Lure, Bat's Eye, Retreat Arrow, Arrow Icy, Slow Down Arrow, Farseeing Collyrium, …

Ecaflip (92%) - Creation and data entry of spells: 98% - Icons: 100% - Visual effects: 80%

Apart from some minor changes to be done to get everything working, the spells are fully finished as well as all the icons. For the visuals, all that’s left are the support spells. List of Spells: Water: Heads or Tails, All or Nothing, Bluff, Rough Tongue, Licklap Air: Claw of Ceangal, Double or Quit, Playful Claws, Blackjack, Meow Throw Earth: Craps, Red Blade, Flush, Black Blade, Clawed Support: Feline Dodge, Feline's Leap, Feline Reflexes, Rotten Luck, Clover, Gambit, Jackpot, Jammy, Pari, Rivertwist

Sacrier (90%) - Creation and data entry of spells: 95% - Icons: 85% - Visual effects: 90%

All spells have been entered, but there is still some bug repair to do. In a second step will review two concepts: Punishment and Marks. The support icons have to be reviewed for consistency and 4 spell icons are missing. Visually, it's a small portion of the support spells remains to be reviewed. List of Spells: Fire: Frenzy, Gouging, Blood Burn, Flagellation, Punishment Air: Assault, Fury, Strangulation, Vortex, Paralysis Earth: Sacrier's Foot, Bloody Mark of Regeneration, Dementia, Impalement, Sacrier’s Fist Support: Mark of Power, Mark of the Churl, Mark of Resistance, Mark of Agility, Skin of Stone, Attraction, Transposition, Sacrifice, Substitution, Gift of Life

Feca (80%) - Creation and data entry of spells: 100% - Icons: 75% - Visual effects: 70%

All spells have been created, there are just a few minor bugs to correct. Still a lot of support spell icons either to revise or begin entirely. For visual effects, more work for Earth, Fire and some support spells. List of Spells: Water: Unfurling, Revigorating Glyph, Stimuling Glyph, Protective Source, Upheaval Fire: Electric Shock, Fiery Glyph, Vengful Glyph, Reflux, Windy Attack Earth: Earthy Blade, Earthly Handle, Pulverisation, Regenerating Armour, Sandstorm Support: Gardian Glyph, Shield of Feca, Immobilising Glyph, Alack, Armor of Feca, Immobile Shield, Aggressive Shield, Glyph of Divine Silence, Glyph Revelation, Teleportation

Eniripsa (55%) - Creation and data entry of spells: 95% - Icons: 30% - Visual effects: 40%

We don’t have any screens for the Eniripsas. There is still a lot of visual work to be done with them - as much with icons as with combat visuals. There’s only one support spell left to do, the rest have been written and entered. List of Spells: Water: Healing Word, Revitalizing Word, Radiant Word, Word of Vigilance, Word of Recovery Air: Word of Pity, Frightening Word, Stormy Word, Draining Word, Winfy Word Fire: Word of Redemption, Sparking Word, Vampiric Word, Inquisitive Word, Cursed Word Support: Word of Friendship, Stimulating Word, Word of Resurrection, Word of the Guardian, Regenerating Word, Word of Youth, Purging Word, Punishing Word, Absorptive Word…

Xelor (25%) - Creation and data entry of spells: 40% - Icons: 20% - Visual effects: 20%

This is the class I’m working on at the moment. The spells are chosen but not yet finalised and two are missing - one Air, one Water. The class is in full construction, but they’re next on the list of updates. Llist of Spells : Fire: Dark Ray, Temporal Burn, Temporal Dust, Empathic Burn, Hydrand Water: Temporal Gel, Slow Down, Icy Hands, Temporal Cut,… Air: Xelor’s Sandglass, Time Theft, … , Sinistro, Temporal Shock Support: Devotion, Dial, Midnight, Time Rift, Synchronization, Conversion, Temporal Move, Temporal Armor, Numbing Shield, Mastery of Time On the menu: Finish classes that are almost done and then finish Eniripsas and Xelors. Srams, Pandawas, Enutrofs, Sadidas and Osamodas still remain, and the last four of these will be technically challenging. As for the time all this will take, it’s hard to know. Franho, Vliir, Iko and myself (the main spell writers) have other priorities too, and depending on how that goes, work on the spells moves along quite quickly every week. To finish up, here’s a few spell screen shots… to give you something to do in the meantime:

Flagellation Gardian Glyph Playful Claws Iop's Wrath
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