Hi everybody, This week I will take over Kam’s duty and bring you some news.In short (for once ^^’) and to go directly to the heart of the matter, I offer you a quick review on the state of things today. Let me remind you – again – that so far there’s no date for the release of the English Beta of Wakfu. It will come but it takes time. So thanks for your patience.Spells: It goes on. We’re almost half way through (50%).Jobs: The code is finished, leaving only data entry to do.Visual : What’s new on the visual aspect? Different modes of camera, on and out of combat which is good news to players who lost their battles due to a sudden sea-sickness, and the rendering of climatic effects (a ray of sunshine here, heavy rain there). PvP : I think I’ve heard that we’re working on a system to join a battle along the way… What is the use of this feature? I’ll leave that to your imagination. Bug fixes : We rarely speak of this but I’ll make an exception. The teleport bug is fixed! Stop thinking you’re the mighty Xelor. Now you cannot go back anymore, you go on!Guilds, Timeline, Dimensional Backpack : Nothing new, still there, still operational.After that I leave you with the story of Zidrune’s first steps on the island of Emelka, my little own experience on this new Wakfu.Have a nice weekend !Zidrune
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