[center]Dear diary, I am on this piece of land called Emelka. A nice gentle breeze dances through the wheat where Piwis are running. My golden hair is shining under a beautiful sun. The place still seems to belong to nature, but I’ve no doubt that soon many adventurers will ruin this paradisiacal landsca…Wait! By Ecaflip, why is the sky suddenly so dark? And… Ouch ! One drop on my ear ! No no no, not the raiiiin !Dear Diary, I tried to find a shelter to escape the downpour. (Who said “it looks like Roubaix”? ><)I ran for a long time, I scratched my paws on Nettles, I tried to force the gate blocking the entrance to a strange cave but Ecaflip was not with me today. I finally realized my own stupidity. What is the best shelter you know? The Dimensional Backpack of course! There’s nothing like that cozy nest constantly on your back to dry your fur. The place still needs some interior trim but I was able to get over this episode looking at my display of fish. Once the storm was over, I ventured outside again and I finally found the perfect place to write these words. It’s a place of passage to the North of the island. From these heights I might be able to draw a map, and the beams of the Zaap behind me give an incredible shine to my hair.What else can I ask for? The conditions are perfect to bewitch all adventurers around and begin my conquest of the universe! Dear diary, a new era is on the way! Zidrune.[/center]