We’ve been worried for a few days now… Aduline has disappeared and her last message wasn’t very reassuring! We’ve searched everywhere: the BowMeow boxes in the stockroom upstairs, between the pages of the 128 732 DOFUS Mangas, in Daryl’s notes, that he doesn’t really control…

Yeah, there is Wakfu in there, or Stasis, I’m not really sure, but one thing is certain, it has some kind of intelligence! *moment of deep thought* Ohhh! But of course!

There’s one place left to search! It’s cold, humid, dark, filled with strange odours, it somehow looks like a holiday camp for Chafers! This cursed place, it’s the basement!

The -1 floor of Ankama’s dungeon! Only a small few have come back to report what really happens down there. Others even pretend that Ogrest takes his nap between these empty walls every once in a while…

Yes, this place is mysterious, and if this is where Aduline has disappeared, we’ll need a lot of courage to go look for her! *Note: ask one of the new interns to explore the -1

The weird thing about this story is that at Polymanga (Swiss japanime convention), we discovered that Aduline disappeared the very same day that the SRAMS appeared!

SRAMS everywhere! Did they foresee this? The basement will tell us! But what about my part in all this?

Was it a mistake to run through the Astrub plains and tell everyone who would listen that they must pray to the gods? Was it the prayer of a vile servant of SRAM that triggered their reappearance? Do we have the power to bring back the gods? If that’s the case, by what means?!

And is there still hope that a huge number of mighty souls can come back to our world through Incarnam?

Anyhow, one thing is sure: the SRAMS have arrived!