Let’s go mushrooming for mushrooms… … or not. In any case, mushrooming is one of the skills that we are adding to the game at the moment.

This meticulous task includes placing resources, adding recipes, designing machines, drawing items… so we end up with something coherent and interesting.

Right now, version 0.72 is finished! We are still doing intensive testing, while new content is being added… By the way, I found some notes on Jean DeLano’s desk… It seems as if this mysterious character has his informants, who give him juicy details on the updates of the patches… let’s see:

  • You can now repair your equipment with a forge
  • Professions now have 300 levels
  • The economies of ingredients during the crafts are working
  • Monsters no longer commit suicide at the edge of the sphere of combat
  • Appearance of … wait… what’s that noise? Who’s there? Hey! Who… aaaarrrrrgh!! ...