Toot, toot on my mouth organ, mythbuilding we go.
In the depths of the labyrinth, inspiration will flow.

That’s what I’m telling myself at least as I sprint down Ankama’s dark corridor. My fist presses against my tightened chest, inside it a 256k USB key with an image and two low-res screen shots. I snatched them from Fulcanelli’s office when he was on break. What a gem. But we must never speak of it – at least not before September. At last! All this should have been released long ago, but my life is still hanging in the balance. The secret of Stasis. Wakfu’s fingerprint! I must try to see these things clearly, from a neutral point of view, for that is key. Oh and it has taken some time to synthetize what could not be.

To hold the essence, the fluid of the world in a single phrase… to finally comprehend wakfu in its totality, as all these fragments draw towards a common centre to form the image of a teeming world, of a beta test played to the full, of activity which does not cease to grow, day after day, all this I desire. Who will defend the customised Croton fields? A concrete picture is emerging. I hope I am not wrong. If I am wrong, I am finished.

It’s been almost a year since I began work on this mysterious energy, this force that almost measures up to wakfu itself - stasis. All along I thought stasis was simply an aspect of wakfu – as though I was blind to the duality that nourishes our world. Considering that wakfu is cosmic energy – the coming and going of life itself – I had concluded that stasis must be the immobile state of wakfu.

Nothing but a degree of wakfu. The fact is, I believed in my naivety, or pretentiousness, that the nature of stasis was cosmic, like wakfu… worse, I believed that it was a component of wakfu. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stasis, like elementary energy, exists only in our material world. Wakfu alone is cosmic, wakfu is the anti matter of the universe and acts as a bond between concepts – it is the eternal vessel and material of creation and destruction.

Only in our material world, in which man and beast exist and are capable of exercising judgement, can a double energy exist. It is WE who created stasis. WE constantly churn it out.

Since the time of the flood, the World of Twelve has held Ogrest as sole perpetrator – Ogrest, the personification of wakfu, he who ascends to the very Zenith of the energy source. But it is not so. There is something else. Long before the coming of Ogrest, during the time of Dofus, men began to play with another energy, an energy which affected nature, climate, reality itself. No one knew that another energy was at hand, for them, as for us, it was just nuts and bolts.

Technology is the source of stasis. The devastation wrought by its interaction with wakfu, which has already ruined Ogrest, culminated when it sealed our fate. The very birds sing the truth of the matter -

Wakfu is Nature’s sap. Stasis is Machine fluid.

Machine in the general sense of the word. Machine in the sense of presence. Like a tree. Machines are the trees of science. I don’t want to suggest that stasis is a solely corruptive force. Stasis is no more good than wakfu is bad. Within wakfu, creation and destruction reside. Stasis which is used according to the principles of equilibrium is to be desired – it can even prove essential.

The two are entwined in a terrible dance which will prove fatal sooner or later should no one appreciate the peril. Disappearance, absence, annihilation – the Void. We must learn the ways of equilibrium before one overwhelms the other completely. We no longer have a choice.

Let us learn the ways of harmony. --- many thanx to Ebe (screenshots) & Crounch (Wakfu/Stasis yiya)