Registration for the beta opened a few weeks ago and some fan websites had already started having contests offering beta registrations, everything seemed to indicate that we were about to start the first beta phase.

And yet, we have not. It's time for an update on the situation! We were ready to put the first version of the game online, but we preferred to test it one last time among ourselves. In the end, what came out of that last look at our game is that we weren't quite satisfied with our work. The game is well on its way, but the content isn't polished enough.

Players are dropped in Wakfu without guidance, they’re confronted with functionalities without knowing what they’re supposed to do. A zone rich in information and content is missing, in which the player could progressively discover the wealth of gameplay that Wakfu provides...

it's this game's beginning area that we wish to finalise before we let the players roam at their will around the world of Wakfu. Thus, the first beta test phase that was initially planned this month will not arrive until the beginning of February. Yet another delay, yes, but a delay that will allow us to make sure that the game we have been working on will please us in the end.

Not to mention all of you! Thanks to all Wakfu fans for your patience and your support, and see you very very soon in the World of Twelve! Note to Fibojo: Thanks for your help with the translation.

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