Just a word, briefly, from the edge of my desk, covered in paper, diagrams and the husks of water bottles: Stasis, this stranger. Take some aspirin, it's not obvious (we'll get to the myths concerning stasis in a future post).

In the very beginning, then, there was this strange notion of moving transparency, which some slow minds took for ice - of course, on a purely visual level, a stasis effect could seize the retina and imprint on it the memory of a translucent glass. However - we know now that the Wakfu represent the sum total of energies of the universe, whether they are kept within the confines of our material plane (the elemental energies) or left to roam freely throughout the celestial layers (the cosmic energies).

There are eight energies in total, four on each side of the wakfu - allow me to use this simple analogy of a two dimensional space where a left and a right exist. According to my information, given to me by a former disciple of Fullcanelli converted to Shintoism since, the cosmic vibrations are bound to subtraction, and the elemental sounds are linked to addition.

Which would mean that, on either side, we subtract (we destroy), and on the other hand we add (we create). The principle of the universe, the line of wakfu, is this perfect synthesis to balance a finite universe (an egg, as I've already explained in my paper on the great cosmic omelette). The wakfu is therefore composed of an equal number of creation and destruction.

Our subject is Stasis, the archetypal cosmic energy, a destructive principle. But destroyer of what? This is where the theories on a cosmic energy of ice collapse. Ice is simply frozen water. Without water, no ice (although one could argue that cosmic assemblers could carry out energy conversions whose residue could be, yes, why not, ice).

I have been able to observe, on the forum, some very interesting things (you can in fact consult it _here_), but the truth seems much more complex. Stasis is an energy amongst others, and what it destroys is space.

One might refer, why not, to an essence, which would allow us to bend space, but it isn't a distilled product, or a process. It's a concept, which inevitably escapes the idea that we, mere humans, might have of the principle of cosmic motion.

Because indeed, the cosmos moves. At the human scale, we cannot even conceive how an infinite mass, this vast shapeless unknown, in which resides the Cosmic Egg of our universe and that we call the Sea of Oblivion, how all this could budge, move, and shift. It's subtle, it's celestial, it's beyond us and we will never know. And yet, today, all our instruments shout to us: dark matter exists, the world around us, which we think empty, is in fact full.

So then, Stasis would be an expression of this movement. A celestial body which is moving seems not to move, and it's from this phenomenon that we obtain the origin of the term Stasis. Movement without motion. The applications of Stasis in the material world have always had phenomenal consequences: maintaining somebody in suspended animation, slowing, accelerating reality, putting it on pause. Xelors make great use of Stasis when exercising their time spells: they use it as a means to interact with elemental domains, restoring the states of things to preceding or later states.

All this is very technical, in truth, and this is why we must consider Stasis as an extremely dangerous tool. Displacing void can create holes, rip apart the so thin membrane that lines the inner shell of the Egg, the wall between the material and ethereal planes, this buffer membrane that separates us from the astral void.

But when correctly used, this destruction of space (one step after another, the motion "digests" the distance that separates us from our target) is an efficient mean of preserving those perfect moments, much like reality snapshots, which we could manipulate at will.

It isn’t inconceivable at all to imagine that, once, a long time ago, when Xelor's Clock was built out of Stasis, this energy allowed time itself to stop flowing, creating an endless instant between the creation of the world and that of the vulgar, human dimension of time.

This period where the mysteries of the Wakfu are formed, protected by a veil of invisible motion.

Note to Fibojo: Thanks for your help with the translation.