Since it’s always nice to put a face to a name, we have organized a little tour through the Wakfu team for you so you’ll have a better idea of who does what. I strode the length and breadth of the office, camera in hand, and politely asked everyone to explain what it is they do.

Ray: I’m Wakfu’s gray matter... I coordinate the various aspects of the game’s design. I also insure that all concepts are conducive to the game’s essence as an amusing and innovative adventure. I have a whole host of nicknames in Japanese, but most of my colleagues just call me Super-Geek (Aduline: okay, I added that.)

Nico: Along with Tot et Daryl, I write the backstory to Wakfu and oversee coherence between the video games, anime and mangas based on the Wakfu universe… as well as all the other stuff that goes along with it!

Yam: I was involved in the creation of the map editor, the particle system and various elements of the Gameplay. At the moment, I’m in charge of the development of the AI system with Cartben ? Oh, and I’m also an Ant Tamer during my spare time!

Lichen: I work with my colleagues in game design on the rules, concepts and mechanisms of the game. For the moment, I’m mainly involved with objects and the way they are crafted in Wakfu. Bek: I’m a developer and I mainly work on combat – spells, traps, time-management and all that.

Kuri: I am a cookie eater by trade. My speciality? The coffee dip… (with a minor in chief animator).

Cartben: What do I do? ... Management of the ecosystem (flora and fauna), the weather and combat.

Olivier: I develop the graphics interface engine, sticking as close as possible to the ideas of the Game Designers.

Wyd: I am part of the team of developers working on Wakfu. You might have seen me hanging round the forums somewhere, since I like to find out what players think about additions and/or improvements. As for development, I mostly work on the client side with Bo and Lim to put everything the game designers demand into place.

Jean-Marc:Level-design involves placing backgrounds (buildings, interiors, dungeons) around the world and lending the game a distinctive visual and musical atmosphere. That also includes positioning resources and game creatures, quests, dialogues and everything the player can interact with and influence in the game.

Lim:For you, player, I am god. You should really be worshipping me and begging me to improve and repair your Wakfu client. Prepare the offerings! ^^

Poup: I ruin the lives of artists and animators by tapping them on the fingers all the time… I sometimes bring their work to the computer screen too.

Daryl: Unfortunately Daryl is not here to introduce himself. He’s gone far away for a few days’ holidays.

Patrick (Marquis): My main role on Wakfu is on the joker card system which will allow the player to perform certain actions such as challenging, boosting, taking the mickey out of other players… My second role is as a consultant. With my lengthy experience in all sorts of gaming, I help the other game designers out with tips, old recipes and advice. Lastly, and most appetizingly, I have the special function of cake-eater in the office, but I also feed my colleagues with a healthy mix of platform and role-playing games.

Franho: The only Wakfu artist who isn’t occupied with drawing monsters or backgrounds, I am responsible for producing graphic interfaces, class symbols, spell icons, the Wakfu Website, half-baked jokes and the fall of Enutrof. Bo: while(true) { workOnWakfu(); }

Aduline: As I was saying in a previous instalment, I am mostly involved with the game interfaces and their user-friendliness, which means making sure that they are as straight-forward and intuitive as possible to manipulate and that the various elements retain an attractive overall appearance.

Xav: I am a Character Designer (to be pronounced with a slightly French accent ^o^) which means I… design characters ^O^ To be more specific, I have to design characters based on their involvement in the game.

Narayan: I develop and update different tools for the AGT, mainly the content editor (which you’ve read about in a previous news post from Aduline) and the ecosystem editor. I also work on the game’s graphics engine.

Benoît: I work as part of a team on the game client. I am responsible for developing (along with the game designers and artists), the game interfaces. These include the sign-in page and the character selection page but also the different windows that appear in the game itself (during fights, links and many other events).

Tiko: I work with Kuri on the animation of monsters and characters. The job consists of bringing the creatures in the game to life, making them run, attack, bite, scratch, hit, cast spell etc… But also to make the devs weep regularly and to torture our brand new team of animators. Many profiles didn’t make it in here, it just wasn’t possible to get round to them all (especially the graphic artists at the other end of the building) and other people just wanted to remain anonymous, like our big bosses Tot and Kam… But I hope that this will give you a better idea of the work we do here ?