Let's talk about Wakfu Artists !

When I was a little girl I wanted to become a comic artist. I filled pages and pages with nice little stick men… Well, at that time I also wanted to become a waitress in a bowling alley and an entertainment park architect! In the end, my career didn't go in any of these three directions… But if I were to regret any of them it would be that of the comic artist, especially when I get to see my artist colleagues’ talents everyday! I’m sure that I’m not the only one in this situation, and that’s why I asked them to tell us more about themselves…


For as long as I can remember, I wanted to draw … but I started out with a general education and passed a High School Diploma (main subjects, maths and sciences). However, on my first high school year, I started drawing classes, after school, at the ESAAT decorative arts school in Roubaix. There, I learnt the tricks of the trade. The following years I took the following courses: "Advanced drawing" and "live model". As years passed by, my desire to make cartoons became stronger and stronger. I tried to integrate (through a competition) the decorative arts class, to perfect my level.

This class actually enables people with a general education to discover all the decorative arts fields and to finally study for either a BTS or a DMA (both are specific two-year degrees with different fields of study).

At the end of this first year, I didn’t make it to the DMA (cinema animation – what I really wanted to do) but I was able to take a BTS in communication with a multimedia option. I was so frustrated with not being able to make cartoons, that I learnt everything I could in this training to try to take the DMA again. That’s when I discovered the software Flash and all its applications making it possible to do animations. Once I passed the BTS, I sat for the DMA entrance exam again and finally entered the course I had been longing for for years…

And there I (finally!) studied the basic of traditional animation. At the end of the first year, we had to do an internship, and I did mine at Ankama. And weirdly enough, my studies stopped here… Since I had a good command of Flash (thanks to my BTS) and a good knowledge of animation (thanks to my half-DMA) I was offered a position within the company… That’s how I became an animator on DOFUS and now on Wakfu. I’ve been working here for a year and a half already, I still love it! Indeed, I’ve learnt a lot and keep on learning new things as the tasks are so varied! Today, I have an important position regarding the animation in Wakfu, for both the game and the cartoon. So, when you are bitten by a Gobball, burnt by a Moskitorsh, impaled by a Drheller, pecked by a Tofu, or shampooed by a Shroopic, think of me… Tiko's Blog (In French only)


Well, ahem… Hello! My name is ’Sephy’, a nickname which never stopped following me! I started to work for Ankama Studio about seven months ago as a graphic artist / decorator on Wakfu! Well, it was not quite a coincidence. I’ve been a fan of DOFUS, its universe and its graphics for several years now, and since then I’ve focused all my work and spare time into learning and improving my skills in digital colors, drawing, illustration and so on.

My educational background is quite similar to that of my colleagues Ntamak and Tiko. I started out with a general education (High School Diploma – main subject economics) where I was quickly bored and spent most of my time scribbling. My first steps in the decorative arts were a refresher course, before taking on a BTS (two-year degree) in visual communication with a multimedia option, which enabled me to get familiar with Arts, graphics, Photoshop and Flash. Then I spent seven months on a DMA (two-year degree) in cinema animation at the ESAAT decorative arts school in Roubaix.

I never finished this degree as Tot grabbed me on my way, when I was looking for an internship. Now, people at Ankama know me for my blue eyes, my scarves, or my stripey sweaters. I also have a new bunch of nicknames including “The Child” because I’m one of the youngest people in the studio or even “Calimero” because I’m often moaning and have little self-confidence^^. I’m very happy to be working here and could not think of a better place to be! The Ankama Studio is a nice and fulfilling place to work at. I’m secretly in love with Tot and Ntamak but shush, don’t say a word, it must remain secret!!! Sephy's Blog (In French only)


In the beginning, he walked in the footsteps of the Lumière brothers, and wished to become the new Einstein. But Fry quickly realized that his life was not meant to be round numbers… He spends 4 years in a scientific high school, in Tourcoing, dedicating his time to drawing his teachers and school mates instead of applying Newton’s theory and other algebra formulas…

The following year, Fry starts learning the basics of drawing and discovers painting, charcoal drawing, pastels… Well, a brand new life! He continues on his new career path, in a graphics school in Roubaix (no name should be mentioned here) where he ends up in a cruel and pitiless world: advertising! After working on many clothes catalogues for oldies and other useless cardboard boxes, Fry feels lost and hates the vicious world of advertising. That’s when he falls into an old warehouse and accidentally gets cryogenically frozen… Later, he wakes up among a group of developers and artists, where he meets Kuri – a robot addicted to Flash – who will help him in his mission: animating dozens of characters for the game DOFUS. After a complete season of good and faithful services, Fry is now in charge of animating the bestiary, the botany, and everything else that moves in Wakfu!


Benoît wants to be a doctor. But his parents guide him towards the much nobler profession of comic artist.

He attends (in spite of himself) classes of decorative arts at the ESAAT (decorative arts school) in Roubaix, and then the classes of Antonio Cossu at the Fine Arts School in Tournai. Together with Glenat publishing, he publishes “SLENDER-FUNGUS” and, with this first book, loses any hope of ever becoming a renowned surgeon. Following tradition, when the second volume is released, his publishing house cuts him loose… And though he was among the favorites to incarnate Jack Sparrow (since he had lost an arm and an eye during a curling game), Benoît joins the “Ankama’s Revenge” crew, where he can put his talent to the service of nice, serious people. He’s particularly famous for his wonderful pic of the guano Tofu and for his homemade tabbouleh (for real in a real kitchen etc.).


At that time I had no idea that copying an old Dragon Ball drawing would take me this far. I gave up my brilliant scientific career, and decided to become a draughtsman in Paris. … “Well, maybe not… It’s too hard! Let’s try multimedia, it seems a lot less tiring”, is what I told myself for the two next years.

Meanwhile, I met Maliki. A strange pink-haired tyrant who, unable to take care of herself compelled me to take out my pencils and draw page after page, day after day, night after night… And here I am, a computer graphics designer by day and an artist by night. But this artistic background, a bit chaotic at first sight, was actually part of a much larger plan destiny had in store for me.

Indeed, round the corner somewhere in Amakna, Tot, embodied in an Enutrof, comes to me and says “Hé! Why don’t you chuck up everything and work for Ankama? Hop aboard and don’t forget to put your helmet on!” … “Let’s go!”.

Now I’m a graphic artist in this crazy company (crazy but so niiiiice)! Well, by graphic artist I mean illustrator, 2D video computer graphic designer, comic artist and many other things like making Wakfu’s sprites, editing the trailers, making illustrations for the magazine or the game, characters for the cartoon, shimmering spell effects, and let’s not forget about Maliki! I also wrote a wonderful book called **”AGT (Ankama Games Toolkit), my love!**” to try and convert some of my colleagues to the fantastic creation of magical spells for Wakfu and Dofus-Arena, simply by using numbers!

But it seems to be a bit too visionary as no one really adopted this system yet! Anyway, I have loads of different activities and it’s a good thing as I never get bored (or to sleep!). Maliki's Website (In French Only) That’s it for today! Xav, Kuri, Kim, Ntamak and Stef will soon be on the Wakfu Devblog!