How long since my last post? So many things happened: the search in Istanbul, the doll, the return to Lille by airship, my ransacked apartment, all my hard drives wiped, Fulcanelli's goons intimidating me on the phone... I've come full circle. Here I am again at my starting point.

In Ankama's bathrooms. True, since I left, the setting has changed: the toilets have become a real palace, with a gigantic ceiling making me feel like a cockroach, and an out of proportion mirror that makes my ass look big. In any case, I don't have time to gaze at myself, every second, every minute matters to me and this doll won't /// \ ^__^
\ (**)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
U ||----w |
|| || o
(signal interrupted) dang, lost again. Stupid, stupid Wi-Fi. Just because the toilets are bigger doesn't mean the signal is easier to keep. Where was I? Ah yes. The doll. Right in front of me, on the ground, an open Matryoshka doll, a gift from my guide after my trip to Turkey. In the departure lounge, just before I left the heat, he told me: "understand the doll and you'll understand Wakfu". Yeah, right. I got it alright, but what I got, is that I still don't get it. Ah, if only I had those tools in my hands, those precious tools that would allow me to grasp more intimately the workings of those cosmic energies.

I though I was on a trail, but my trip to Istanbul turned into a fiasco. Everybody wonders why our real world would host relics from DOFUS or Wakfu. The truth -and if I'm right, it's the whole world that could collapse- is that our material world is only one aspect of a much bigger whole.

Between the moment Man appeared on the surface of the Earth and the beginning of the first known civilisations, so much could have happened … and it is in this gap that unfold the big mysteries. In the same way that what might have happened before the construction of Xelor's Clock hides the key to the coming of Ogrest. Our world and the world of Wakfu evolve in parallel, and it would be a terrible mistake not to see it. Whatever we live here, we live there. It's a matter of intensity, isn't it?

But how do we link our two worlds? The solution resides inevitably in this necessary apprehension of the cosmic and the elemental. I go back to those measuring instruments, essential link between the virtual and the real that would allow me to bind what has been separated. Thanks to the help of my guide, former cursed partner of the sombre Fulcanelli, I've managed to secretly enter the Tublunkanir dig site, where my contacts had revealed to me the existence of the Dead Stone, this Enutrof pendulum tuned to the flows of the void, but I couldn't obtain it, only see it, draped in a white cloth.

I also know that each god had an instrument to take the cosmos' temperature: Enutrof's pendulum, Feca's scale, Cra's seeking arrow, Ecaflip's 30 sided dice, Pandawa's beer tap, Eniripsa's powder, Osamodas's dung beetle, Sadida's watering can, Sram's gloves, Xelor's Sandglass, Iop's antenna and Sacrier's syringe.

I could be wrong, of course, but each of those items was a way to feel the cosmic flows, and use them for god knows what. Nobody knows where those relics are today, but something tells me that they will surface again when the world screams too loud. Indeed, the world is screaming. The effects of the cataclysm are here to stay, and it is only by finding again the path to the cosmic energies that we might have a chance to rival Ogrest. In the subtle equilibrium between the elemental energies that govern our world and the cosmic rays come from the great sea of Oblivion, there is the Wakfu.

Typing on my laptop, I watch this diagram of the Wakfu universe on 3DSMax. An egg. It will have taken me six months to come to this conclusion. The universe is an egg. A Dofus. It was obvious, right in front of my eyes, and yet I didn't want to know, obsessed as I was by the platitude of our limited dimensions. Imagine a nested universe. A Matryoshka doll … each doll corresponding to one dimension.

The biggest doll, the mother doll, would be the crust, the shell: the material plane. Within it, like in an onion, the inner planes are revealed: the ethereal plane first, filled to the brim with the dreams of the material plane's inhabitants, a transitional plane, a vast wasteland; the astral plane next, where the invisible beings live, a filter purifying the emanations coming from those hopes stacked in the ether; then, the divine plane, next to the demonic plane, where live the most powerful souls of the universe... and Incarnam, at the very core of the egg, at the converging point of all the known dimensions. Where the souls are born and, in their mad flight towards the material plane, are loaded with mystical power to start their numerous cycles of reincarnations...

As for Wakfu, it is this line that pierces the universe, like a needle, allowing the souls to circulate and drip towards the outside. All is so beautiful, it's almost perfect, even if many things are still blurry. Osamodas came from the divine plane to make the material plane a place of worship to the gods. But Osamodas is within the egg, like all of us.

If the world is a Dofus, so each Dofus contains within itself a miniature of our universe. But we also know that a Dofus is born from the love of a dragon for a woman. From which woman, and which dragon, is the universe born? This woman, elemental, and this dragon, cosmic, are the key to my theory. And who would have plunged this Wakfu needle into our universe? Is any world created thus condemned? Quick, I need some aspirin. Note from SmilyCelly to Fibojo: Thanks for your help with the translation.