I spent three days in the toilets under construction, hiding while the Studios were being moved away before they could find me.

After preparing myself for weeks, they took me to the basement room where the old relics of Ankama gathered dust. Books, manuscripts, glyphs, diagrams, instruments… They told me "take all you need". Perhaps they thought I'd believe that all I had learnt about Wakfu was just an imposture … a conspiracy, a master stroke! But after thinking it through over and over again, I'm still convinced of the opposite! I'm curious and I just can't help it. I always have to dig further…

I could get my job back as a game designer only after promising not to reveal anything… Yet, I'm struggling. You must know what I found this morning after many days of unsuccessful research. Right in front of me, on my desk, between the Yucca and the botanic encyclopedia lies a copy of the Annals Gesics of the Enutrof Sem ThyRobber who is the great great great great great great grand-son of Inzepokt that I brought up from the cellar. I understand why Enutrofs are so successful on the forums now. Sem was not so much interested in money as he was in knowledge. The others didn't always understand him since treasure hunters have quite a hard life. They're like dreamers who can't sleep, incapable of satisfying their thirst of mysteries. In the pages of the Annals – a series of archeological inquiries that Sem had gathered under a Boowolf skin cover – there's a hurried reproduction of a manuscript that the Enutrof discovered while searching an abandoned monastery on the Brutas Island. In the close circle of the Wakfusian studies, we call it the manuscript of the dead stone which is carefully kept by Fulcanelli. The rumor has it that the manuscript was written by a living monk before the Clock of Xelor was even created, right between the eternal moment when the earth was being shaped by the gods, and the moment when time started ticking. Combined with the elementary energies which rule our planet, this cosmic energy could impose to the gods themselves. However, it would be too much of an interpretation to say that Ogrest actually controlled this mythic balance.

The elementary and the cosmic energies do not go very well together even if they influence each other, just like the moon does on the tide, or the prayers on the heavens. Any attempt to combine them would only lead to a terrible destructive storm … unless we stay on the line separating the two energies, a subtle and delicate discipline that Ogrest can obviously not practice. Our world, the vast battlefield where we survive, seems to be in the hands of our desperate attempts to channel a devastating energy which stakes we do not understand. Our experiments are only led by our destructive impulses. The way to wisdom, in this context, would be to learn that creation and destruction are complementary, not opposite. This would be the truth of the Wakfu, or did I just get all of this wrong?

Sem unearthed the four new elements after two thousand years of silence and oblivion – Thanks Sem, by the way – : Light and Darkness, the two founding principles; Lightning, the gods' attribute; and the Stasis which seems to be a dimensional movement, a movement in stillness, within the cold space-time continuum. Spells created from these energies enabled humanity to long for heavens, compelling the dragons to leave, and plunging the world into an endless war. But no one knows how to control the Wakfu just yet. It's on that fertile ground that Ogrest settled, and he remains a real mystery.

Who is he? Where does he come from? In his notes that were published after he died, killed by a Disco Gorgon, Sem talked about a Titan who could walk on the fine line separating the worlds. To explain it to younger children, Sem used the example of the dead stone, this mythic pendulum that the Enutrofs used to find treasures. But I don't believe it. Sem used to drink way too much Kokonut liquor, just like I do with orange juice. Unless I go in search of this pendulum…