Dear Readers, I won't tell you about Daryl's dubious schemes to misinform you…

Since we have nice and new toilets, he spends his time there covering the walls with cock-and-bull graffiti about etheric movements and other nonsense… I won't tell you about the sabotage attempts we've been victim of lately with unruly power cuts which made us lose hours of work… I won't tell you about those who cover their desks with post-its "Don't forget to save", or those who patrol in the corridor with a giant inflatable baseball bat! No! Let me tell you about something concrete, something serious…

Do you want to see on what we're working? Let me show you a screenshot of my computer screen while using our main tool. For the last few days our team in charge of creating the interfaces has been working on the connection and character creation phases. And they need to provide great efforts on these since the first impression of the game you'll get will start here!

There are lots of things to think about and to set up… We would like to put at your disposal some sort of program that will help you name your character while avoiding names that won't be appropriate and will ruin the atmosphere of the game. We also thought about the color palette that you’ll have at your disposal to customize your avatar. There won't be like thousands of colors available, like in DOFUS, but a large choice of nuances, with a few particularities according to the class, this way we'll prevent pink-haired Smurfs… and those who wish to have a funkier look, will have to discover how to change their style in game!

You can spot a group of Iops on the screen that helped me testing the color palette for the skin color. This tool will also enable you to dress and equip your characters to preview what it'll look like. Some of us had fun creating 2-meter high Iops with piggy tails during their lunch break!!! Another work document which comes in really handy is a view of the island on which the level designers are working on.

This way, we can see where everything is and quickly move around when we need to test animations, items, movements or even just check that the atmosphere we wanted to create in a specific location comes out well. Alright, time to get back to work and check the color codes for the Osamodas hair color!

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