This is a quite an event that will be taking place on! Get your pens ready and warm up Photoshop! Draughtsman, character designers and graphic artists, here’s your chance to shine and show us what you’re made of! The idea behind Ankama’s fan class contest is simple: imagine and present a new class of characters for the world of Wakfu! Winner(s) will see their creations showcased in one of Ankama’s future publications: manga, artbook or other!

Ah, and don’t worry… We’re not doing this to viciously steal away your ideas... we’ve already patented more than 8,961 class concepts, safely locked away in our omnium steel vaults, specially made for the occasion by the NASA! And, in all honesty, the one thing we’d really like to see is you playing an active part in our project!

So stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted!