I write these lines to the gleam of a flashlight, locked up in the toilets, hoping for a wifi signal to upload this text.

I do not have much time. I know that they don't want me to reveal the contents of the secret memo that I have in my possession, and that I will eat after I copied it. I cannot keep that for me. How did it happen? I was making copies at the color printer, that’s where I saw it, in the exit vat: the first page of what seemed to be a study on the Wakfu (THE Wakfu?), capped by a mysterious glyph, page that I successfully scanned before hiding away.

Obviously, the person who printed it did not yet have time to come and get it. My blood ran cold: nobody here knows yet what the word Wakfu exactly means and I burn to know the truth. Now I know. I read WHAT WAS NOT TO BE READ. I'm scared.

"What we know is very fragmentary. It seems that at the end of the DOFUS age, man rediscovered the four antique cosmic energies in lost ruins dating back before the Clock of Xelor was even created (when the idea of a single god still circulated). To the elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air were now added Darkness, Light, Lightning and Stasis. By handling this new source of energy, the humans had gone insane and their ego multiplied by ten. They then thought they were gods. Perhaps disappointed by humankind , the dragons left the World, leaving their Dofus behind.

Is it because men became too powerful that Ogrest came? So that he would prevent Dofus and their destroying power from falling between the hands of a dark wizard? The fable of Ogrest is an excellent excuse for all of those who refuse to understand why the catastrophe fell down on us, when we started pulling too hard on the cosmic and elementary threads. What if it was because of a disordered state of Wakfu? Balance between cosmic and elementary energies is very subtle, but our ancestors, before the clock of Xelor was made, were able to control this balance and obtain stunning powers, worth of that of the one who had the 6 Dofus... like Ogrest. But this state of balance, this Wakfu, is difficult to reach, and even harder to maintain because if there is a Wakfu of the world, there is also an interior Wakfu, a Wakfu of the soul in each living creature of the world. To maintains one’s Wakfu, one must also maintains the Wakfu the world, small bits at a time. Any action, no matter how small, whether individual or collective, egoistic or generous, good or bad, has an effect on the balance of the world. The use of magic is also prone to this variable. Leaning on a side is likely to hinder the other, and that’s maybe why some people find it necessary to specialize to be truly effective. If I were to define the Wakfu by a sentence today, it would be... "

The memo ends there. I do not know if what I read is the truth or simply the hallucination of an exhausted designer, too dedicated to his task. But if I disappear, it will be for a good reason. I hope that my post will remain long enough on this blog before they realize that all is lost, that YOU too are now well-informed and that they can no longer deny the truth. Readers, find the way of the Wakfu, before it is too late. I hear them already. Barkings. They’re tracking me. I must flee. I’m uploading the document. May the dragons protect me.