You've been a few to ask about the Wakfu environment and the individual responsibility it implies. Wakfu must be a living active world, but if we want our ecological model to be working, we need to have a realistic and coherent dream world. All the elements of Wakfu (players, animals, flowers, gods…) are connected to each other and have special relationships that you'll have to discover, support or even destroy ! To understand it all, you should ask yourselves "Is it because we can make bunches that flowers exist ? What do the gods think ? What does the World itself think ?"[center] [/center]First, here are a few details about the game engine, the expression of our universe and its perpetual activity. We chose a dynamic system while keeping in mind that Wakfu (unlike DOFUS) is a world upset by the arrival of Ogrest (whatever the reasons for this disturbance are). These environmental problems turn Wakfu into a complex world where you have to learn all of the subtle weathering (think of the poor protectors of the months and pity them !). Common sceneries will evolve – within the limit of the engine's capacities. Like some of you said, we can, for instance, imagine that there will be stalactites on the houses in winter. Wind will be either a precious ally or a fearsome enemy. Will you find the trace of the mysterious ethereal currents in the stars' reflection on the lakes surface ? In the clouds' shadows ? Night and day time will affect the cycles of all the different form of life. Some animals mate according to specific rituals, and others breed on their own. You'll be able to make flower bunches, or plait them into necklaces, as well as plough and collect, cut and plant. [center] [/center]On the other hand, some others mentioned that "there will be players who won’t care about cutting down a billion trees as long as the money comes in, and won’t preserve the world of Wakfu". Well, yes, the beauty of nature can be completely destroyed in order to confirm the human kind's supremacy over nature and industrialize the production. Your life setting will depend on your habits, your relationships with those who think differently. Each player will have his say. And when some of you imagine that besides the Classical PvP fight, a new struggle will start between ecologists and those who do not care about nature. All this game elements are part of the universe, and the player is also concerned about this integration. Even though playing and living are two different things, we believe that we can offer you a complete game experience and the opportunity to hang about another world that you'll love and of which you might get tips. For instance, you'll have to eat healthy things if you do not want to get sick, as well as wear warm clothes in winter not to catch a cold ! Your virtual bodies will become ecosystems ![center] [/center]Our material world no longer offers the opportunity to hug a tree or grow cawwots. And we intend to change this by creating a game where you can express yourself about your relationship to nature and to the other players, where each of your gestures will matter. Were it not for the players who look after it, a world would not exist just like a garden would not exist if it didn't have a gardener to look after it. Your individual responsibility is engaged in game. Nature doesn't know what judgment is and, as a part of nature, human beings will have to establish a link between the World and themselves which will be a great source of enrichment / development (or of GMO – Gamedesign Modified Organisms)!! ^^[center] [/center]