-Hey! What’s the Gobball doing in the sea?! *Pneumatic drill noise* -

Who can test the Xelor’s Dial? - We’re missing the roll over on the action toolbar! *Metallic crash from the back of the room…* - Damn, I'm stuck… - Which mini van should I take to go to the Japan Expo? - Warning! Server Reboot! - Excuse me, could you move your desk? I must set my ladder here…

This sums up quite well all of the different things you can here at Ankama since Monday… The very first playable version of Wakfu is being tested (internally… and ONLY internally), we’re preparing our stand for the show… And all this in the middle of renovation works to set up the air conditioning and brand new toilets!

Anyway… my work consists in making interfaces: place the buttons, plan tooltips, organize the elements logically, and make models … a lot of models! It's not always as easy as it seems to combine convenient tools with a nice design, or to innovate while respecting everyone's gaming habits! Fortunately, there's Franho… our wonder-maker in terms of interface graphics!

We wanted to create something fresh and cute, light and discreet for the amusing and adorable world of Wakfu. Nothing too dark or too Windows like. You can be certain that it will change quite a bit as time passes by, that's just how it goes… But this very first version is already quite nice and we're being a bit sentimental as we see our still models being brought to life and actually look like a game! It feels like Christmas to be able to play Wakfu!

Even if very few things are available at the moment, it's great to witness (in-game) the achievement of your work and that of the others! Admiring a building we didn't know, discovering a field full of poppies placed there with love, testing in fight the spell animations… All these discoveries, the bugs that need to be urgently fixed, the surrounding renovation work noise which goes to the head and people running all over the place to get ready for the Japan Expo, that's what the atmosphere is like at Ankama… Feverish but happy!!!