You may wonder why? Well, it's because Ankama's been working really hard to prepare for the Japan Expo in Paris (a very famous show in France).

For the occasion we created a magazine, published the Artbook session 3, made the interfaces of the game (so that we could present the first bits in exclusivity) and all this made it too hard for us to keep it up on all sides.

That's why we put all of our efforts into the preparation of this show, but we will put them back on wakfu as soon as the show will be over.

We are very sorry to have left you behind this way, but we will do our best to catch up with our next huge update including the two next classes, the spells that were left to be done, a new creature family and new melodies as well! If it can make you feel better, our gorgeous Ecaflipette was also very sad not to be able to come say hi...

We'll be back soon... Cheer up!